On this page you will find a listing of our Material Safety Datasheets grouped by category and product name. If the appropriate MSDS is not here please contact us immediately on 1300 654 674 to speak directly with customer service operator, or use our website’s handy contact form.

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Flux Cored Arc Welding Wires

Metal-Cor XP, Metal-Cor 5 H4, Metal-Cor 70 H4
Satin-Cor XP, Verti-Cor XP, Verti-Cor Ultra, Verti-Cor 3XP,Verti-Cor 3XP H4 – Seamless
Shield-Cor 11-15
Shield-Cor 4XP
Shield-Cor 8Ni
Supre-Cor XP H4, Supre-Cor 5
Shield-Cor 8XP
Tensi-Cor 110TXP H4
Verti-Cor 111K3 H4
Verti-Cor 308LT, Verti-Cor 309LT, Verti-Cor 316LT
Verti-Cor 81 A1 H4, Verti-Cor 81 Ni1, Verti-Cor 81 Ni1 H4, Verti-Cor 81 Ni2, Verti-Cor 91 K2 H4
WeldSkill Gasless Wire
Verti-cor 71T

Gas & Tig Rods

Comweld Silicon Bronze Rod
Comweld Tobin Bronze Rod
Comweld Nickle Bronze Rod
Comweld Mild Steel, Highest, LW1, LW1-3, LW1-6, Supersteel
Comweld Manganese Bronze Rod
Comweld General Purpose, Cast Iron Rod
Comweld Galvanising Bar
Comweld CrnMo1, Comweld CrnMo2
Comweld Comcoat T
Comweld Comcoat C
Comweld AL5356
Comweld AL4047
Comweld AL4043
Comweld AL1100
Comweld 308L, 309L, 316L, 2209 Stainless Steel
Comcweld Comcoat N
Comcoat Silver 356T
Comweld Comcoat Silver 45
Comweld SBA 345T, Comweld SBA 356T
Comweld SBA102, SBA105, SBS115
Comweld SBA245

Gas Metal Arc Welding Wires

Autocraft 2209
Autocraft 307Si, AutoCraft 308LSi, AutoCraft 309LSi, AutoCraft 316LSi
Autocraft AL1100
Autocraft AL4043
Autocraft AL5183
Comweld AL5356
Autocraft Deoxidised Copper
Autocraft LW1, Autocraft Super Steel, Autocraft LW1-6
Autocraft Mn-Mo, Autocraft NiCrMo, Autocraft CrMo1
Autocraft Silicon Bronze, Deoxidised Copper
WeldSkill Solid Wire

Hardfacing Electrodes

Cobalarc 1e, 9E
Cobalarc 350, Cobalarc 650, Cobalarc 750, Cobalarc Toolcraft
Cobalarc Austex
Cobalarc Borochrome
Cobalarc CR70
Cobalarc Mangcraft
Stoody Tube Borium AC/DC

Hardfacing Wires & Fluxes

Stoody 100HC, 100HD, 101HC, 101HC-G, 101HC-O, 133-O, 143
Stoody 600
Stoody Buildup-O, Super buildup, 965, 850-O, 104, 105,107
Stoody Dynamang, Dynamang-O, 110, 110G, 110-O, 110-MC
Stoody FineClad-O
Stoody RA45-O
Stoody S Flux
Stoody 965 AP-G
Stoody SOS 308L

Solders & Fluxes

Soft Silver Solder
ChromeBright (Pickling Paste)
Comweld 40/60 Soft Solder, 50/50
Comweld 965 Soldering Flux
Comweld 965(Soft Silver Solder)
Comweld Aluminium Flux
Comweld Bronze Flux
Comweld Copper & Brass Flux
Comweld G.P Silver Brazing Flux
Comweld Nickle Bronze
Comweld Silver Brazing Flux No. 2
Comweld VapaFlux
Stoody 102, 104, 105, 107, 965G, 965-O, BUILD UP, 850-0

Submerged Arc Wires & Fluxes

Autocraft SA 1 & SA2
Satinarc 4,15

Welding Electrodes

WeldSkill LH
WeldSkill GP
WeldSkill 308L,312L
Speedex 308L-16, Speedex 309L-16, Speedex 316L-16, Speedex 312-16
Speedex 12, Speedex 13
Satincrome 308L-17, Satincrome 309Mo-17, Satincrome 316L-17, Satincrome 318-17, WeldAll
GP 6012, Ferrocraft 12XP, WeldCraft, Ferrocraft 21, Ferrocraft 22, Satincraft 13
Ferrocraft 16TXP – Hermatically Sealed, Ferrocraft 7016, Ferrocraft 55U,Ferrocraft 61, Ferrocraft 61 H4- Hermetically Sealed, Ferrocraft 61 Ni H4- Hermetically Sealed, Twincoat
Ferrocraft 11, PipeArc 6010P
Castcraft 55,Castcraft 100, Nicore 55
Bronzecraft AC-DC
Alloycraft 70-A1- Hermetically Sealed, 80-B2, 80-C1,90-B3,90, 110


Nozzle Dip
Arcair DC Goughing Carbons
Tungsten Welding Rods
Nalco Varidos FSK
Lithium Battery (Cylindrical) 3.0V – ProPlus Welding Helmet <Sanyo Batteries 2003>
Sentinel Helmet Battery CR2450 (2017)
Aristo Air Li-ion Battery (2017)