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WeldSkill 135 MIG

SKU: W1004135

The Cigweld WeldSkill 135 MIG is single phase compact power source designed for handymen or tradesman that require high-quality welding performance. The constant Voltage power source provides excellent arc performance with solid or flux cored welding wire. It is ideal for welding a wide range of materials including stainless/mild steels and aluminium and suitable for […]

The Cigweld WeldSkill 135 MIG is single phase compact power source designed for handymen or tradesman that require high-quality welding performance. The constant Voltage power source provides excellent arc performance with solid or flux cored welding wire. It is ideal for welding a wide range of materials including stainless/mild steels and aluminium and suitable for the welding of mild steel up to 5mm thick(when used with the appropriate consumables.

  • 240 Volt, 10 Amp Supply Lead
  • Over temperature cut out
  • Shielding Gas Operation
  • Fan Cooled
  • Gasless Operation
  • AS Compliant
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Maximum mild steel wire size of 0.8mm

Package Contents:

  • WeldSkill 135 Power Source
  • Mig Torch (fitted)
  • Work Lead (fitted)
  • Mini Spool 0.8mm Gasless Mild Steel Mig Wire
  • Feed Roll 0.6/0.8mm (spare)
  • Feed Roll 1.0/1.2mm (spare)
  • Contact Tip 0.6mm (spare)
  • Contact Tip 0.8mm (spare)
  • Contact Tip 0.9mm (spare)
  • Contact Tip 1.0mm (spare)
  • Contact Tip 1.2mm (spare)
  • Nozzle (spare)
  • Chipping Hammer
  • Wire Brush
  • Welding Faceshield with Lens

Also check out the WeldSkill 135 Multiprocess Welding Inverter.

375H x 245W x 420D mm

Generator Requirement

Input Frequency

Input Voltage

Output Range
38 - 120 amps (135A max)

Rated Output @ Duty Cycle
120A/20.0V @ 10 Duty Cycle

Weight (Power Source)

  1. Andy Latta

    Great little welder for the home enthusiast. Can handle most welding tasks that an enthusiast would come across. Now that ESAB has taken oversight of the range, the build quality and reliability has improved markedly.

  2. Richie Ray

    This would be better with a dial in voltage instead of a switch to select a better range of amps
    It’s a good welder although it does tend to overheat even on light work
    Not sure if it’s a fault with the machine
    Other than that it has been a good machine and works best with the Cigweld wire
    Other brands have not been as good through this machine
    I would have rated it higher if it didn’t overheat so often and if the voltage was more of a dial in
    Good for anyone at home doing general welding tasks though

  3. simon ayton

    Great welder for a newbie! After a year of use restoring an old card where every panel has required patching or complete panel replacement, it’s been perfect.
    Used about 1.5kg of wire so far of 0.8 fluxcore to weld up 0.8 panels on power setting 1 or 2 with a wire speed of around 5 giving perfect welds. I’ve also welded so thick plates on a setting of 3 which was also easy so there’s more than enough power.
    Only issue I’ve had was the gun itself where the nozzle got stuck the first time I tried to take it off which then broke the wire screw thread. Still worked regardless. When you buy replacement wire, the spoils in the cardboard boxes work out much cheaper than the ones in the plastic packets too.

  4. Matthew Racovalis

    constant wire feed issues from new. nothing in the manual about how to replace the liner. guess it’s not a sevicable unit and suggest buying a unit that is.

  5. Glen Gibson

    Absolute junk. At low speeds, makes a horrible racket and has done from the day I took it out of the box. Got a replacement from where I got it, same problem – probably a bad batch. Guy at the shop said “I have a mate with one and he says it’s normal”….after that Cigweld have ignored me.

    Now I’ve needed a MIG for a project I’m doing and I’ve been reminded just how much I hate it – so I thought it’s time to write a review. Yet, my cheap Chinese TIG never misses a beat – go figure.

    Takes multiple attempts to feed the wire up the hose. Feed motor is noisy and jerky compared to other MIG welders. Anyone I’ve asked says it’s not normal.

    Cigweld, either replace this piece of junk with a properly PROFESSIONALLY tested unit, or I won’t be buying another Cigweld ever again and will be telling others to avoid your brand too.

  6. paul

    i have done a lot of work with my 130.I biult a trolley for it to sit on but was not a good idea,it damaged the electronics inside from the bumps.I was told it looks like it was dropped.i have found it good but it is not a heavy built welder so needs to be handled gently

  7. Russell

    Did what I wanted. Purchased it for $330NZD.

    It is a bottom of the line entry unit. For me, it has done everything I asked of it. Weld 1.6mm box up to 4mm flat bar. I found the 4mm a lot easier to work with than the thinner stuff. I’ve blown holes in the 1.6mm stuff a fair bit. Mate who is a welder had a go and he showed me a few tricks – no more blowouts.

    The unit is not a professional unit and the price is indicative of that. Its well good enough to Hot Glue Metal for shelving, trailers, fencing etc. It would never handle welding I beams for canter lever pergola roofing.

    I have since rigged up my CO2 gas bottle that I use for my home brew kegs and its now working a proper treat.

    I’ve had no problem with wire speed. The motor is noisy but it doesn’t affect my work. Haven’t taken a circuit breaker out yet but the circuit my welder is on is not shared with anything else at the same time.

    The mask is pretty ordinary as you’d expect from an entry unit. I purchases an auto darkening mask online for $28. Same electronics as a few of the more common masks – price difference is in the cradle that your noggin goes in. Does the job though.

    It does exactly what a $330 welder should do. If you want more, spend more. I dropped 1 star for the cheap mask.

  8. Anonymous

    Easy to use and an awesome brand

  9. Anonymous

    Haven’t tried it yet but looks a very tidy little unit.

  10. Anonymous

    A compact welder that is great for home use, easy to use and adjust settings with all information displayed inside the unit.

  11. Anonymous

    great for the beginner

  12. Anonymous

    I’ve had a Bossweld stick welder for about 2 years. I build Go karts and Dune buggy from scratch and after 2 years the stick welder is no longer doing it for me. This product is great, easy to use, and simple to set up especially with the instructional DVD.

  13. Anonymous

    Awesome brand awesome product! Smart, easy to use

  14. Anonymous

    Great brand and excellent product. Have used Cigweld Product & Equipment through out my career in the Heavy/Transport Equipment industry.

    Wouldn’t buy or use anything else.

  15. Anonymous

    Best little welder I’ve ever owned I’ve had other brands in the past but this is by far the best and I will continue too buy cigweld products thank you

  16. Anonymous

    It’s perfect, a lot better quality with more functionality and reliability than the different brand mig I bought this too replace. Plus cigweld was cheaper too. 10/10

  17. Anonymous

    Great looking, very portable machine. With everything I need to do the job and with the capability of welding aluminium, stainless and mild steel gas/gasless all in an affordable price range

  18. Anonymous

    It has made my job putting up a pergola for the wife so much easier as my cigweld 100 did not have enough ompf to weld the tubing 😁 so happy me got a bigger cigweld welder.

  19. Anonymous

    Its a CIG product so you can trust it to do the job and last a long time

  20. Anonymous

    my father was a boilermaker and he had cig welders that why I purchased and price

  21. Anonymous

    Price for quality and functions

  22. Anonymous

    How easy it is to use and wouldn’t buy anything other than Cigweld because I know it’s a good quality brand

  23. Anonymous

    Small and compact and in my price range for a learner

  24. Anonymous

    As a retiree of the agriculture business, I still enjoy helping out our sons on the farm with small repair jobs whenever I can. This smaller welder will be practical and enable me to carry out these jobs with great job satisfaction.

  25. Anonymous

    i love the info guidelines in the door of the mig it takes a lot of the guess work out of which setting to use on different gauges of material gas or gas-less perfect for a novice welder like myself and my son keep up the good work thanks CIG

  26. Anonymous

    ease of set up and use.

  27. Anonymous

    A very versatile welder

  28. Anonymous


  29. Anonymous

    What i really like about the cigweld 135 mig is the thing that you can do gasless welding on it and so i dont have to buy expensive gas bottles, and aslo the size is pretty portable. I can also do a pretty decent bead on it.

  30. Anonymous

    love cig weld and good product and well known brand

  31. Anonymous

    I used to work for ESAB back in the 80’s as a technical sales rep at first then progressing to the automation manager. I have always thought their products some of the finest made and now with the ownership of cigweld this little MIG looks to be ideal for me.

  32. Anonymous

    The price of the unit!

  33. Anonymous

    Product works perfectly, well trusted brand.

  34. Anonymous

    The lightness and the easiness to work with!!

  35. Anonymous

    Easy to setup & use, supplied accessories & equipment (FCAW wire, shade, tips & feed wheels, hose & brush/hammer), comprehensive manual

  36. Anonymous

    Easy to use, easy to set up and works great for a lot of the projects I’ve done so far.

  37. Anonymous

    Haven’t used it yet, but looks well made for price.

  38. Anonymous

    Simple to use – good setting guide inside the side cover – seems robust and welds awesome

  39. Anonymous


  40. Anonymous

    Extremely well priced for what I want to do, can’t go wrong! Have used higher level cig weld products too and always loved it! Thanks guys

  41. Anonymous

    Great compact machine and it has the ability to do small to medium jobs. Being a boilermaker by trade, over the years I have always trusted CIG products and have no doubt that this particular machine will not let me down.

  42. Anonymous

    It’s Compact the chart inside the side door makes it so easy and effective for my needs.

  43. Anonymous

    I haven’t had the change to use it as yet.

  44. Anonymous

    Hobby Welding

  45. Anonymous

    I am an older female and I have never welded before but decided to start learning so that I can do some different things without having to ask for someone else to do it all the time, I researched and found this model to be the best to start withl

  46. Anonymous

    Simplicity, ease of use, compact, functionality, and looks great!

  47. Anonymous

    Awesome welds, easy set up. Very convenient and better quality than a lot of gas less welders I have used in the past.

  48. Anonymous

    Safety first

  49. Anonymous

    great for learning

  50. Anonymous

    I bought it because I trust the brand. I have tried generic products and found them wanting. I bought it because of the price, at the upper end of my budget but worth the stretch. I bought it because there were some online reviews from tradesmen who valued it highly.

  51. Anonymous

    I have not used the welder yet as I only purchased it today. But after working in the construction industry for over fifty years, I came across many CIGWELD products and never heard any complaints. That is what swayed me to purchase my new welder for my vintage car renovation.

  52. Anonymous

    Had to exchange the first one as not feeding out of nozzle. Took back for troubleshooting where purchased and agreed. Swapped for new one and worked first try. Happy now, just need to buy your trolley now as quite heavy on my sparky muppet arms. Cheers.

  53. Anonymous

    I have a lot of small jobs and car body work that my arc welder is overkill for.

  54. Anonymous

    As per the reviews I have read, good quality product with easy to understand instructions. The welder is easy to use.

  55. Anonymous

    Quality and reliability

  56. Anonymous

    From what I have herd it is very reliable for home and DIY and am looking forward to using it and finding out the quality of the product myself

  57. Anonymous

    I love this product as it is simple to use and was economically viable

  58. Anonymous

    CIGWELD has a good name and is good value for money. I’ve tried cheaper brands and found them to be unreliable and low quality. The 135 MIG can do any welding job I need, and easy to use for a hobby welder like me.

  59. Anonymous

    Already love how easy it is to set up and use, very intuitive!

  60. Anonymous

    Easy to learn with and use product. Instructions were precise and informative. Shown me everything I needed to know to get started. Great product.

  61. Anonymous

    Compact size and ease of use

  62. Anonymous

    Great output for using off a generator. Simple easy to use.

  63. Anonymous

    I love to keep busy and build things in my spare time.

  64. Anonymous

    I love it’s great for a DIY user.

  65. Anonymous

    Capable of all jobs around the home. Reasonable portable, easy to operate, and really great to have option between gas and no-gas operation.

  66. Anonymous

    Neat, compact and simple to operate

  67. Anonymous

    looks good have not used it yet but a friend has one and I have used his and was impressed with its performance

  68. Anonymous

    Small, compact, versatile and great value for money

  69. Anonymous

    Its a great priced product, and it has a great reputation. Plus the portablility and the ability to use Gas or go Gasless.

  70. Anonymous

    This mig is a heap easier to use compared to our mongrel stick.

  71. Anonymous


  72. Anonymous

    I own a CIG arc welder, I was looking for a MIG welder to complete lighter jobs, for hobby reasons. I discovered this MIG online and as a long term user of CIG products decided to check it out locally. I bought it! Nice product and great price. I`m happy.

  73. Anonymous

    A brand name which is well respected offering a good quality reliable product with excellent warranty
    The welder is compact and sturdy for ease of transport and set up

  74. Anonymous

    Love the product. I bought this welder to help build my second electric (pedal car sized) Mini Hot Rod.

  75. Anonymous

    at the moment the price as i haven`t used it yet.

  76. Anonymous

    I read too many good reviews on the Weldskill135 I just had to have it. I am a hobbyist aeronautical designer on a tight budget. CIGWELD brand is synonamous with quality and reliability. I love the versatility this attractive unit and bang for buck it’s unbeatable. Weld quality is outstanding!

  77. Anonymous

    I have a friend with this type of welder, had a try of it and found it easy to use and simple to operate. This is why I decided it would be ideal for my DIY projects, can’t wait to get down in my shed and tackle some of those.

  78. Anonymous

    Reviews said to it was good reliable welder for novices, which is me, so here goes the learning curve!

  79. Anonymous

    Nice small easy to use product, take any where anytime

  80. Anonymous

    The simplicity is fantastic. No extra payment to hire a sparky to fit a 15p circuit runs straight of a normal 10amp gpo. The power it puts out for such a low end amperage welding. It’s gas and gas-less operation makes it outstanding in all minor to medium jobs

  81. Anonymous

    Its perfect for the home projects during this COVID-19 period! Am doing repairs on my trailer and absolutely love it!

  82. Anonymous

    Easy to move around, good quality for price.

  83. Anonymous

    Having been a welding teacher for 40 years, I am familiar with the quality of CIG products and service. I am happy to stick by the brand in my retirement. Great price sold me on the deal!! I’ve always used Argoshield MIG gas in the past.

  84. Anonymous

    Set up the welder ,, read the instructions ,, had a play after about 2 inches of practice welding with gas-less wire ,, i am very happy with the Mig 135 ,,,, ready to start the next project ,,,,,, thank you ,,,Darrell Daley

  85. Anonymous

    Fixed my car
    So I’m eternally grateful

  86. Anonymous

    Small, powerful and good value mig welder

  87. Anonymous

    For the price of this good quality mig welder it is perfect for my garage to do all those small to medium welding jobs I just fired it up with gas less wire and still not a bad weld but I am going to get Argo shield gas 👍

  88. Anonymous

    Love the 10amp capacity making it extremely easy for all types of jobs at home

  89. Anonymous

    It’s a great little welder for what I needed

  90. Anonymous

    The price.

  91. Anonymous

    Price, easy of use, gasless, idiot proof (for me)

  92. Anonymous

    Have had a cig transarc junior for over 30 years. It’s still going strong. Love cigweld brand. Anticipate this welder will be as good.

  93. Anonymous

    I finally get to work on my car that’s been hiding in the shed for to long.

  94. Anonymous

    Good equipment great price

  95. Anonymous

    I am restoring a 1965 xp falcon and using my mew welder for light panel work. Have already used my mig and find it absolutely brilliant for my needs. Have it set up on argon gas and am very happy with it. Thanks

  96. Anonymous

    Purchased this weld skill 135 mig welder as an entry into welding,
    Compact and easy to follow instructions.
    Ideal for beginner like myself to master the basics of welding.

  97. Anonymous

    I once managed a welding retail store and sold Cigweld products. I believe that they are the best value for money welders.

  98. Anonymous

    Simply put it’s Cigweld, dependable, reliable, quality product there is nothing else that needs to be said

  99. Anonymous

    Retired; learning to mig weld for hobby and small projects around home.

  100. Anonymous

    I love how easily transportable the product is and how it just plugs into a normal PowerPoint but is also quite powerful.

  101. Anonymous

    It is a easy to use welder for home use allow the novice to do various job around the home, Car,Caravan ,motorcycle and various hobbies I am doing at the moment, I still have a old CIG stick welder I Purchased 1986 and is still used,So I upgraded

  102. Anonymous

    Don’t know yet.

  103. Anonymous

    I love that it is portable and easy to use

  104. Anonymous

    I have always wanted a MIG welder and when I saw the ones at SCA I had to get one, It’s my Birthday coming up soon this is my Present from my Partner, I haven’t used it yet but soon will for a job I’m working on for a friend.

  105. Anonymous

    I,ve only just bought it, I’ll know what I love about it once I’ve tried it out. I have a cigskill 100 inverter welder which I am most impressed with, and thought I’d like to try Mig welding. This unit comes highly recommended by a friend and I liked theprice

  106. Anonymous

    Compact ease of use, and I like the colour!

  107. Anonymous

    Ease of use Does the job for me. Great

  108. Anonymous

    Good price at Supacheap, Ability to use gas. Known brand so confidence in spares and consumables availability long term.

  109. Anonymous

    I have a very old stick arc welder which was getting very tired and needed to upgrade for something more modern.

  110. Anonymous

    CIG is a strong and trusted brand name. This product looks to be well made and has the flexibility to be used with or without gas. It was competitively priced.

  111. Anonymous

    With COVID19 restricting me to the home I thought this was a perfect opportunity to learn a new skill in a field in which I have had a keen interest on for some time.

  112. Anonymous

    Loved the price, loved the reviews – now looking forward to get welding…

  113. Anonymous

    This machine is perfect for the home handyman.
    Inexpensive, easy to use and good weld result.
    I have a small amount of experience with stick welding but none with Mig. I plugged this machine in and started welding straight away.

  114. Anonymous

    For a person who can’t weld very well I find this welder easy to use

  115. Anonymous

    Good price, Able to use gas or gasless.

  116. Anonymous

    The ease of welding things together around home

  117. Anonymous

    Great little Mig. Very impressed with the welds achieved with minimal effort/ set up. Have been in maintenance trade for 40 years and used many welders, surprised by quality of the welds from this machine given it’s price point.

  118. Anonymous

    It’s got great reviews online and I got it for a steal! Can’t wait to try my hand and sheet metal welding.

  119. Anonymous

    Small and compact, light enough to move around, easy to use and reliable

  120. Anonymous

    It’s easy setup and beautiful welds with small fine tuning

  121. Anonymous

    Easy to use as a beginner , setup & operation instructions easy to understand

  122. Anonymous

    Haven’t used it yet but looks a good quality item and was great value for money.

  123. Anonymous

    Always wanted to learn to weld and with this machine it will give me a chance to learn a new skill

  124. Anonymous

    Wanted a quality brand that I could trust. I couldn’t verify quality of cheaper eBay products.

  125. Anonymous

    Portable and easy to use for someone who’s had no welding experience

  126. Anonymous

    I don’t know yet i have never welded before, but very keen to learn. I was advised by friends that a CIGWELD was the best unit to buy so i’m looking forward to beginning some DIY projects. Many thanks for including the instructional DVD, it will be very needed!

  127. Anonymous

    Love the practicality of this little device, hook her up to the gas for bigger jobs and the little ones can just belt it out quickly gasless

  128. Anonymous

    Trusted brand for many years.

  129. Anonymous

    Small and easy to operate.

  130. Anonymous

    Just starting out with a bit of research this model was ideal for me as a amateur, looking to uupgrade as my skills improve

  131. Anonymous

    it’s easy to use for the novice

  132. Anonymous

    I have just started using the WeldSkill 135 and love it already I have only ever had the sca brand welder and that is no comparison to this welder.

  133. Anonymous

    Great equipment
    Excellent value for the money
    Reliable equipment

  134. Anonymous

    I’ve been looking to buy a mig welder for a while. A job at home has come up and now is the time to get stuck into it as we are all at home isolating from Corona virus. The reviews of the cigweld 135 were all good.

  135. Anonymous

    As i have never ever tried to weld before and was very interested in leaning how too.
    Ive been looking around for a Welder for about 12-18months, and finally found one (WELDSKILL 135 MIG) suitable for a beginner, at a reasonable price.

  136. Anonymous

    Its simple, Easy to use and quick to get started.

  137. Anonymous

    Compact, well made and packaged and has a trusted name in welding equipment.

  138. Anonymous

    Easy operation and a simple set up with very good instructions.

  139. Anonymous

    Small and compact, 10amp lead, simple instructions and easy to use first time and a great price, everything you need to get welding straight away. Great asset to the tool collection and workshop. I’m teaching my Son how to weld and am really enjoying the bond time with him. Cheers

  140. Anonymous

    Price was a huge factor and being able to do the jobs l want to do

  141. Anonymous

    Just Bought it and love using it so far ! as im a fairly inexperienced user, it just is easy to use and it works so well .

  142. Anonymous

    Perfect for fixing old Holdens in the shed

  143. Anonymous

    I love my new weldskill 135 mig welder so easy to easy as a beginner can’t wait to weld more practice makes perfect

  144. Anonymous

    Great quality, Great price for a great product.

  145. Anonymous

    Easy to use at home to improve my skills. Perfect for my car building hobby.

  146. Anonymous

    I have not used it yet but it will be good for me.

  147. Anonymous

    Great welder , own a stick/ tig machine it is very reliable so got the mig to cover all areas of welding. Very happy with the cigweld brand

  148. Anonymous

    Great price for a quality item.

  149. Anonymous

    The quick set up and ease of use for all of my projects around the home. You cannot beat this product when it comes to a gasless MIG on a 10A home socket. Absolutely love my CIGWELD gear

  150. Anonymous

    I love that the amps are low enough to do car panels.

  151. Anonymous

    The GIG Weld-Skill 135MIG is perfect for my use as an inspired Metal Sculptor. I have aspired to be the proud owner of a CIG MIG Welder to fulfil a long time retirement dream to creat “metal sculptures” ! I’m excited & looking forward to creating with my new machine.

  152. Anonymous

    Im a bit of a novice welder. This welder makes the job so easy.
    Great product should of bought one a long time ago.

  153. Anonymous

    Easy to use. Excellent instructions and build quality.

  154. Anonymous

    Value for money and easy to use for my diy projects.

  155. Anonymous

    Good value

  156. Anonymous

    Ease of use great value and very versatile for different jobs and love all the extras that come with this product.

  157. Anonymous

    It’s the perfect size to work on the old corer I am restoring and it’s a great one for beginner welders too !! Great value !!

  158. Anonymous

    I love the price point!

  159. Anonymous

    This brand has been around for decades, you cant go wrong. Always bought these products back when cig gases stores were around.

  160. Anonymous

    Should make my welding choirs quicker/cleaner allowing more family time myself.

  161. Anonymous

    Great product for a beginner at a good price.

  162. Anonymous

    I have not actually used it yet but after shopping around, reading reviews and recommendations from friends I decided this would be the ideal machine for me to start with due to its multi functional attributes.

  163. Anonymous

    Unbeatable value on special. Good basic little unit, perfect scale for light, occasional use.

  164. Anonymous

    Reduced price

  165. Anonymous

    Great new replacement for my very very old CIG welder, served me well but it was time to upgrade. Works perfectly for me and at the current promotions price was not viable to repair my old welder. Great that it just works and produces good clean welds everytime.

  166. Anonymous

    I have made do with a stick welder for many years, always knowing there is something better out there but I could never afford it. when I saw this product for sale at a sale price and seeing that it is CIGWELD, I just could not resist any longer.

  167. Anonymous

    Very neat and tidy unit love the look works great dose a very neat job would buy a nuther one for shurr

  168. Anonymous

    I have been using an old arc welder every now and then over many years with average to poor results. I cant believe how much easier Cigweld Mig 135 is to use straight out of the box without having to change welding rods constantly. I’m rapt. Cheers Adrian

  169. Anonymous

    I purchased a CIG stick welder in about 1978 when I was farming and its still works perfectly. Now that I am retired, I just needed a welder for light gauge steel and this suits me perfectly.

  170. Anonymous

    Great little product at a very affordable price

  171. Anonymous

    I heard some good reviews about it and cigweld is a renowned brand so I went with it so it can give me a helping hand in the shed.

  172. Anonymous

    Have not used it yet, but the price was a no brainer.

  173. Anonymous

    I’m currently helping my 15 year old daughter restore a classic mini car for her first car. The welder we purchased for this project has been a brilliant welder to learn on and my daughter is already producing good quality welds.

  174. Anonymous

    I bought this for my dad to use and also i love restoring old engines so i can use this to weld up areas that need it

  175. Anonymous

    The welder is great quality, compact and easy to use.

  176. Anonymous

    The colour and price haven’t used it yet

  177. Anonymous

    Good value for money. Trusted trade brand.

  178. Anonymous

    The 135 mig is so easy to use and is so easy to tune. Also it creates very good welds for a novice

  179. Anonymous

    The WeldSkill 135 MIG is an extremely well made and functional unit at a great price that I intend to learn and use extensively. I have not told the Wife yet but I am sure she will work it when I am sparking up the garage!

  180. Anonymous

    Keeps me in the shed away from the missus!

  181. Anonymous

    The ability to use this product effectively; no matter the skill level of the operator.

  182. Anonymous

    I love how easy it is to use .ive taught my sons and wife how to weld with it

  183. Anonymous

    The ease of use and excellent price for performance

  184. Anonymous

    The specs are what I am looking for. Lets hope it lives up to my expectations, time will tell.

  185. Anonymous

    I love the ease of operation and set up for all the light jobs I do ,better than the old stick welder I had. No more sticking rods.

  186. Anonymous

    It feels solid, and works well

  187. Anonymous

    Neat compact, solid construction, just what I needed to learn how to weld.

  188. Anonymous

    Cigweld is a reputable brand used in my industry, i was looking at getting myself a welder for hoke and I couldn’t go past the 135 mig, perfect for all those little jobs

  189. Anonymous

    I am new to welding (DIY) and it is very easy to set up and use on my projects – trailer repair currently. Next is body panels on project car

  190. Anonymous

    Easy to use hadnt used a welder for 15 years performed well and is very versatile

  191. Anonymous

    Works great!
    And its blue..

  192. Anonymous

    Value for money!

  193. Anonymous

    The price was fantastic.

  194. Anonymous

    A simple welder suitable for the old hand or the complete beginner. Offers upgradable features.

  195. Anonymous

    Best MIG welder I have used to date, great quality. Perfect length lead on trigger very impressed. So well designed that even a novice can do a professional job.

  196. Anonymous

    Comes with everything needed to start using immediately and the option to use gas or not .

  197. Anonymous

    This product represents good value and fills an important gap in my tool inventory. It performs above its expectations and yet is powered from a10amp supply give upstanding versatility and site flexibility. The range of materials and gas/gas less options further enhance its performance and adaptability.

  198. Anonymous

    It’s very easy to use and provides great specific instructions . The name seems to be topof the ranks when it comes to welding supplies . Online reviews and word of mouth made this an easy decision to purchase this product

  199. Anonymous

    Compact, simple to use and quality

  200. Anonymous

    I love how easy this product is to use and set up.

    Great for a learner such as myself.

  201. Anonymous

    Ease of use

  202. Anonymous

    The price was great and is perfect for my requirements as I’m working with light metals

  203. Anonymous

    I’m a uni student, I haven’t got much cash at all haha had to go halves with my father to buy this budget welder alone aha

  204. Anonymous

    As a beginner welder this product has really allowed to me progress and learn without the huge upfront costs of purchasing gas bottles. However still has the capability for gas supply which allows me to progress further with my welding capabilities.

  205. Anonymous

    Most reliable mig welder on the market
    Easy to operate
    Good kits when buy new

  206. Anonymous

    Have used CIG Equipment since being an Apprentice in 1969 and the equipment has lived with the times and has gained valued modernisation as the years have progressed. Its a pleasure to use and its been my dream to have my own Mig that I can use anytime I like.

  207. Anonymous

    Looks to be a well built light welder package well packaged after purchase look forward to using!!

  208. Anonymous

    Has everything i require for small repair jobs

  209. Anonymous

    It’s a great beginner welder.
    I am confident In using this product and it’s great for the price

  210. Anonymous

    good value. Well known reputable brand. Reliable. Small size fits in my small garage. Perfect for any hobby welder and more.

  211. Anonymous

    Good Quality great price

  212. Anonymous

    As a beginner I needed something easy to use and learn on, backed with a quality and reliable product. Through recommendations and good reviews online, I purchased this CIGWELD unit and I’m looking forward to start using it.

  213. Anonymous

    After reading the manual and watching the YouTube movies, I feel more confident in upskilling my welding abilities with this superb machine to learn on.

  214. Anonymous

    Great product to teach my 12 yr old son how to weld safely

  215. Anonymous

    Competitive price for what looks like a quality product with good reviews.

  216. Anonymous

    first time welder purchaser and begginer welder. i am very much glad i chose to go with a cigweld brand product after alot of reading to find the best value for money and easy to lern with product, very impressed.

  217. Anonymous

    Easy to use straight out of the box. Haven’t used a MIG in around 25 years and was able to set up and get welding very quickly. Great quick reference chart inside the side panel makes it easy to get the voltage and wire feed set correctly. Great product!

  218. Anonymous

    As a beginner, I have found the mig welder very easy and reliable to use, the instructions were easy to follow and apply.

  219. Anonymous

    It looks and works like a quality product, excellent value for money. It is easy to set-up, operate and enables the handy man to produce quality welds. CIGWELD is a well known and trusted brand in the welding industry and am confident there will good support and spares available.

  220. Anonymous

    This is the perfect starter kit for any hobbyist wanting to weld or for tradespeople wanting to expand their skills without being overwhelmed. I really love this cigweld portable mig welder.

  221. Anonymous

    my fisrt time using this MIG from cigweld and i impressed with how easy to setup i love it

  222. Anonymous

    Very easy to set up and use

  223. Anonymous


  224. Anonymous

    A quality and reliable product at a very reasonable price. Thankyou

  225. Anonymous

    Great little welder for all the jobs around the farm. Love that it is run from a standard 10amp socket as well.
    So easy to use that even a novice can get a decent weld after a few practices.

  226. Anonymous

    I like how it’s got the power to do big jobs and on the lowest setting it dose burn holes in pipe.

  227. Anonymous

    Compact and does the job it was made for.

  228. Anonymous

    I love this product because it introduced me to the art of MIG welding and showed me with the right tools and some passion you can do anything.

  229. Anonymous

    From all the negative reviews I’ve read regarding wire feed, I can’t seem to fault this unit.
    The machine fed the wire smoothly (Gasless) and did the job.
    First time welding with gasless wire as I’ve always had gas welders nearby. (GMMAW)

  230. Anonymous

    The ability to be able to use both gas and gasless wire, swap the polarity of the gun and I am now able to weld aluminium 👍

  231. Anonymous

    Did purchase a Rossi mig welder and then tried to get part’s for it and couldn’t find any so I went for what I know a cigweld as I already have a cigweld weldskill 180 inverter i decided to get another cigweld cause they are the best on the Market

  232. Anonymous

    Reliable brand, quality setup for a small time user like myself

  233. Anonymous

    Love everything cigweld especially my new 135 mig

  234. Anonymous

    What a great purchase. My new Mig has made welding so much easier with the auto feed and a comfortable light weight handle.

  235. Anonymous

    This product has been great, I love the option of using gassless wire or using gas. I will never be caught out again! Very smooth nice controls and very mobile,

  236. Anonymous

    The build quality and feel of the machine, feels like I got a great piece of equipment

  237. Anonymous

    Price is good, easy to use and small enough to move around.

  238. Anonymous

    Bloody good value and so easy to use.

  239. Anonymous

    Great quality for the price, perfect for me as I don’t need to weld for my job so I didn’t want to spend a fortune on equipment for a hobby at home but hate cheap crap, this is exactly what I needed. Cheers

  240. Anonymous

    The cheaper option for a quality welder for the DIY home jobs

  241. Anonymous

    It’s compact enough to take anywhere but still bigger enough to do the job

  242. Anonymous

    Very easy to operate & very handy on the farm. Plenty of parts and backup at local SCA store in Rangiora NZ

  243. Anonymous

    Simple to use, great product for smaller jobs around home. Earth lead could be a bit longer though.

  244. Anonymous

    Precise welding & ease of use

  245. Anonymous

    The compact size and the versatility of being gasless or to use gas as needed

  246. Anonymous

    Well know reliable trusted brand, this welder is a great little portable machine for doing some general project and maintenance work. I am very happy with this CIGWELD 135 MIG

  247. Anonymous

    Ready to use out of the box, easy to use

  248. Anonymous

    A trusted brand

  249. Anonymous

    I love that it was priced reasonably, is portable being able to be used on standard house mains and has the option for using gas. Ideal welder for the beginner and DIY home use.

  250. Anonymous

    being a first time welder i found the mig 135 so easy to get me
    started in welding plus cig is awell known brand

  251. Anonymous

    What I love most is the simplicity of operation. This welder is easy to operate for both the experienced welder and home handyman. It is made with safety as well as quality in mind. Great value for money. I love using this piece of equipment as it promotes confidence.

  252. Anonymous

    Easy to use and a great machine for starting out on.

  253. Anonymous

    What i love about this product is the simplicity, so easy to set up and very maneuverable and for the price awesome deal.

  254. Anonymous

    Great little welder. It is portable, easily adjustable and easy to use.

  255. Anonymous

    Solidly reliable

  256. Anonymous

    This product is great as it’s simple and easy to use very happy with it

  257. Anonymous

    As a newbie to the welding world, this product appealed to me because of the simplicity but effectiveness with giving me the best outcome while I learn.

  258. Anonymous

    I love the value for money it is a great little welder and the only one I could find with everything I wanted it is my first welder but I have welder before I bought it because I just got a project car and need to fix some rust holes

  259. Anonymous

    Easy to use and good quality

  260. Anonymous

    CIGWELD is a well established brand, over many years, in welding supply industry and Supercheap has a store locally were the staff are friendly and helpfull. I would now be confident that spares and technical back-up would be readily available.

  261. Anonymous

    Love it ..Does everything I need to do as a handyman in retirement.

  262. Anonymous

    Easy to use for a novice home DIY.

  263. Anonymous

    I love that it is compact and well made

  264. Anonymous

    Easy setup does what I need it to do

  265. Anonymous

    It welds.

  266. Anonymous

    Haven’t actually used this as off yet , but very keen too get it going , great value , looks awsome & great customer service allready by Cigweld , trusted name , so I bought this my first welder too learn on . Thanks guys

  267. Anonymous

    An Australian known and reliable product and brand .

  268. Anonymous

    Love how simple it is to setup and start welding with straight away, and how portable too.

  269. Anonymous

    Other than the amazing smell when you open the box and the pretty blue powder coated case that’s ever so smooth to touch… it looks really good on the shelf with all the other tools I haven’t touched in years.

  270. Anonymous

    It seems easy to use for a beginner like myself and easy to understand instructions

  271. Anonymous

    it is so easy versatile and a grate machine love it to bits thanks cigweld

  272. Anonymous

    Have heard that CIGWELD is a quality brand and the Weldskill 135 MIG is a great beginners welder, but also will do me for many DIY projects to come.

  273. Anonymous

    Very Outstanding product! Does the job and easy to use! Thanks Cigweld!

  274. Anonymous

    Nice product, easy to set up, comes with everything you need to get started

  275. Anonymous

    The versatility and ease to put it from job to job very reliable and and easy to teach the inexperienced In learning a new trade

  276. Anonymous

    Great little unit to learn how to weld with
    Has completely changed the scope of my hobby projects and quick fixes at work

  277. Anonymous

    Its blue ! Now to create

  278. Anonymous

    What i like about this product is that i have had one before and you can still get them and have not changed much .The price dose very a bit but still not out of the park . I checked out the other brands and the 3in1 but very light

  279. Anonymous

    Great quality
    Good reputation

  280. Anonymous

    This thing makes me look like a good welder, even though I’m fairly average.

  281. Anonymous

    Ease/convenience of gasless. Value for money.

  282. Anonymous

    Great value compact easy to use

  283. Anonymous

    This product Cigweld is doing a lot of weekend welding and l have not had any issues with the product at all.

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