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Transmig 185 Ultra

SKU: W1006185

Take the guesswork out of welding with AUTO SET!

The Cigweld Transmig 185 Ultra features an impressive AUTO SET function that allows the user to weld like a Pro with no previous welding experience necessary.

Take the guesswork out of welding with AUTO SET!

Transmig 185 Ultra features an impressive AUTO SET function that allows the user to weld like a Pro with no previous welding experience necessary.

Simply select the material type, thickness & consumable diameter and AUTO SET will pre-set the Wirefeed Speed (Amperage) and Voltage (MIG) along a pre-programmed synergic line. Experienced welders can then customise their settings by tweaking their wire speed and volts according to their technique and other factors. The AUTO SET function is available in all 3 processes: MIG, STICK and TIG!

Easily return to your previous weld thanks to a sophisticated Memory Function, or save up to 9 of your favourite weld settings!

Transmig 185 Ultra comes with an integrated wire feeder that holds up to a 200mm spool, and boasts a range of Professional Features to ensure optimal welding results:

  • Burnback Control
  • Arc Control
  • 2T/4T
  • Spot/Stitch Weld
  • Pre/Post Flow
  • Up/Down Slope
  • Arc Force
  • Hot Start
  • Anti-Stick
  • VRD (applicable in Stick mode only).

Most importantly the 185 Ultra is fitted with a 10Amp plug, allowing you the flexibility to plug and play anywhere in your home or workshop.
The power source weighs just over 17kg, and all accessories can be packed inside a convenient purpose built Heavy Duty Backpack (W4018001), making the Ultra portable and ideal for any home or job site.

The Transmig 185 Ultra is back by a 3-year warranty and is fully compliant to Australian Standard AS 60974.1 and IEC 60974.1 so you know you have a safe product you can trust!

With excellent welding performance across a broad range of applications, anyone can weld like a Pro!

You set the process and the Ultra will do the rest!

You can also check out our Transmig 175+!

  • TWECO DX250 Digital Mig Gun

    • Comes standard with all 185 Ultra machines
    • Remote operation of your wirefeed speed and volts
    • Control from the palm of your hand
    • Euro connection
    • 3m lead
  • BONUS Heavy Duty Backpack

    • Fits all of your welding accessories in one portable backpack
    • Purpose-built with regulator holder and helmet clips
    • Pack away your work boots, leads, wire and accessories for easy carrying
    • Designed in Australia, because we know what our welders need
    • Comes as a bonus with the Transmig 185 Ultra for a limited time only (W4018001)
  • 4.3” Full Colour LCD screen

    • Interactive digital controls
    • Simple to navigate interface with large control knobs
    • Protected by a recessed panelling, a screen protector and a flip-up display cover
    • On-screen digital set up guides
    • 9 x memory pre-sets
  • Package Includes

    • Transmig 185 Ultra Power Source
    • Tweco Fusion DX250 MIG Torch, 3m
    • Comet Professional Argon Regulator/Flowmeter
    • Feed rolls: 0.8/0.9mm V Groove (fitted)
    • 1.0/1.2mm U Groove; 0.8/0.9mm V Knurled
    • Contact Tips: 0.8mm (fitted); 0.9mm; 1.0mm
    • Twistlock Electrode Holder with 4m Lead
    • Work Clamp with 4m Lead
    • Shielding Gas Hose Assembly – Quick Connect
    • Shoulder Strap
    • Operating Manual

520H x 220W x 420D mm

Weight (Power Source)

Weight (Plant)

Australian Standard
AS60974-1 / IEC60974-1

Number of Phases
Single Phase

Nominal Supply Voltage
240 VAC ± 15%

Nominal Supply Frequency
50 / 60Hz

Factory Fitted Supply Plug Rating
10 amps

Effective Input Current
9.5 amps

Maximum Input Current (I1max)
30 amps

Minimum Single Phase Generator
10 kVA (at 0.8 Power Factor)

8 kW (at 1.0 Power Factor)

Output Terminal Type
Dinse™ Style 50

Protection Class

Welding Environment Classification
Suitable for Welding in Category C Environments; Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Welding

3 Year Warranty

Current Range
MIG: 30-180A | STICK: 10-185A | TIG: 10-185A

Duty Cycle
MIG: 185A @ 20% | STICK: 185A @ 15% | TIG: 185A @ 20%

  1. Benjamin Custance

    We were looking for a multi-process machine that was positioned between entry-level and industrial for a while. When the 185 Ultra came out we brought one straight away. We have had the machine for a year now and it has performed very well for small and large jobs.

    – 10 amp cord (Can plugin anywhere)
    – Leads and gun are all high quality
    – Easy set up for beginners

    – Have to buy the tig torch and only have one option.
    – The weird cheap backpack that was included, why not give us some useful like gloves.

    Very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a machine in this category.

    Deploy Studio Team

  2. Anonymous

    Ezy to use don’t have to change settings and 10 amp plug the best.

  3. Anonymous

    It does everything for you, takes the guesswork out. Good learning tool

  4. Anonymous

    The impressive AUTO SET function that allows the me to weld like a Pro with no previous welding experience necessary.

  5. Anonymous

    The interface (LED Screen) makes this very fast to set up with many memories to save welding parameters (this saves time for next day setup …. as there is none …. just recall memory). Exceptional value for the money ….. you wont be let down, its sophistication makes every simple.

  6. Anonymous

    You can auto set and do other adjustments with the hand piece, and the color screen is cool.

  7. Anonymous

    I love the ease of use, simply load the details material and thickness, wire size etc and the welder sets up automatically makes even novice welders produce quality work

  8. Anonymous

    Good Brand

  9. Anonymous

    Love the easy set up/operation and functionality.

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous

    I love ease of use, and the auto mig functionality.
    I’ve always used Cigweld products and they’ve never let me down.

  12. Anonymous

    For a beginner welder this was the only choice in welders on the market today…For ease of use…

  13. Anonymous

    3 in 1 function

  14. Anonymous

    I haven’t welded for a long time. Auto set is very helpful to get started again.

  15. Anonymous

    This welder was design with me in mind, takes guesswork out of small jobs with its easy to read and user function simply awesome

  16. Anonymous

    Auto set functionality and ability to quickly and easily switch between MIG and Stick

  17. Anonymous

    Easy setup, takes the guesswork out of settings. Great for a less experienced welder.

  18. Anonymous

    compact, lightweight, easy to setup & start welding within minutes, excellent auto set process

  19. Anonymous

    I love how easily I can flick between MIG for mild steel then TIG for precision stainless and it takes up such little space!

  20. Anonymous

    The Auto Set feature takes the guess work out of correct settings to use.

  21. Anonymous


  22. Anonymous

    There are so many brands to choose from when it comes to welders, but the only brand that I felt safe buying my first machine was ESAB/CIGWELD. ESAB FOR LIFE!

  23. Anonymous

    Easy to use

  24. Anonymous

    Ease of use and consumables availability are excellent

  25. Anonymous

    Awesome product backed by Awesome after sales service

  26. Anonymous

    I love cigweld because it’s high quality standard.Easy to setup and good performance of the machine.

  27. John

    Absolutely recommend this welder and Cigweld as a brand. Welder is so easy to use and will have you doing professional welds with minimal to no input to the welder settings. Purchased the tig torch to go with this and purchased the wrong torch, Cigweld team rang me ASAP and where more than happy to support. Easy to deal with and great after sales support you rarely get now days. Can’t recommend there quality and service enough. Thanks Team

  28. Anonymous

    Soooo simple… enter the welding material – then the diameter of wire being used – then the material thickness and the machine does the rest!! So simple for a beginner – and gives amazing professional results! Again Sooo Simple – with results that are Soooo Good! Thanks CIGWELD!

  29. Anonymous

    185 amps on a 10 amp plug, small versatile welder than you can take anywhere and still have enough grunt on the thicker material . definitely worth the $$

  30. Anonymous

    I’m creating quality welds even as a beginner. The machine takes care of all the settings and I am able to just focus on the job. Also being a multi-function unit I can get rid of my other welders and use only this one. Best purchase I have made.

  31. Anonymous

    It’s compact and very easy to use.

  32. Anonymous

    Automated function and that is runs off a 10amp plug

  33. Anonymous

    I would have to say that the reason i love this product is that it has the automatic features,so much easier than trying to work out all the settings like amps,volts,metal thickness, ect ect.for so many years i have been using a very old arc welder.i dont know myself,thank you.

  34. Anonymous

    Love the product, promotion indicated that it was easy to use, plug & Play, so far so good.

  35. Anonymous

    It’s easy to used for someone who does hobbies around the home

  36. Anonymous

    Easy welding, every time ! Will never use another brand

  37. Anonymous

    I don’t weld regularly but when I do, I need to get it right the first time. The Transmig 185 Ultra allows me to do this with its simple and menus, MIG/TIG/ARC capabilities and 10A operation. I’m no welding expert but this helps me look like it!

  38. Anonymous

    Versatile, light, sophisticated welder for all possible applications on my farm.

  39. Anonymous

    I love the how easy it is to use and the flexibility to weld any where its light weight and love the 10a plug
    great machine

  40. Anonymous

    It’s easy to use and you have good backup service

  41. Anonymous

    I purchased this welder for its versatility, 240v 10a plug and the fact it provides Mig, Tig and stick. In addition it provides pre programming of setups which is great for inexperienced welders like me.

  42. Anonymous

    Easy to setup, runs on household power and beginner friendly.

  43. Anonymous

    The easy use of the machine

  44. Anonymous

    It’s a good portable unit which is great as I bought it for home after a colleague recomended it

  45. Anonymous

    Auto setup

  46. Anonymous

    It’s a cig

  47. Anonymous

    Easy to use. Great looking Machine. Known brand…

  48. Anonymous

    Was the welder that suited the job I needed to do restoration on my classic

  49. Anonymous

    I haven’t used my welder yet, but y research led me to believe it will help me to learn to MIG weld. I can TIG and stick, but MIG has eluded me until now.

    I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with my new machine

  50. Anonymous

    It’s simplicity

  51. Anonymous

    Makes it easy so that I can weld like a pro

  52. Anonymous

    I already own 2 x Transmig 175s which have proven themselves and am now really looking forward to adding the 185 to my equipment. I’ll be using it on aluminium and am confident it will do the job.

  53. Anonymous

    its quality and ease of use

  54. Anonymous

    This is my first mig after 30years of stick welding. I am very happy with the ease of setting it up and the welds it dose.

  55. Anonymous

    I love that it:
    * will auto-set welding parameters based on the material your welding and what your welding with;
    * supports stick, mig and tig welding;
    * has max current rating of 185 Amps.

  56. Anonymous

    10 amp plug and lcd screen easy set up of welding parameters

  57. Anonymous

    We love the quality of the product and the simple setup features.

  58. Anonymous

    Love the ease of the setup for a novice welder and the easy layout and functionality of the unit.

  59. Anonymous

    Cig Weld has provided me a welder that can give me experience and on going knowledge about my trade while being an apprentice as an Engineer Fabricator. Currently building aluminium catamarans I can fast track my skills by using this Transmig pro series and get ahead of the game.

  60. Anonymous

    Very high quality welder that does a great job with its auto settings and very easy to switch from one material to the next.

  61. Anonymous

    The quality and ease of use

  62. Anonymous

    I have always considered CIGWELD products to be of very high quality and very good value . I am impressed this unit the 185 Ultra CIGWELD Has the 3 in 1 I am also impressed it has the Auto setting for wire feed speed voltage and Ambridge .. well doneCIGWELD

  63. Anonymous

    Love the brand, user friendly interface and overall finish of the unit.

  64. Anonymous

    All-round winner! Cheers.

  65. Anonymous

    Easy to use, good auto settings. Great for beginners and advanced welders

  66. Anonymous

    I absolutely love this product, I hesitated for a while although after using it for the first time I was amazing how powerful and precise it made my welds. I will be using it for the rebuild of my car.

    Thanks so much

  67. Anonymous

    Have looked and looked for something that was suitable for our farm workshop and this ticked all the boxs. Thankyou Cigweld.

  68. Anonymous

    I love this small 10amp house welder! It is super easy to use and has allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills. 10/10 would recommend

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