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CutSkill 45 Plasma Cutter

SKU: 1-1601-40

 Plasma cutting has now been changed forever thanks to the launch of the new range of CutSkill Manual Plasma Cutters, including our CutSkill 45! Incorporating the latest in plasma cutting technology, the CutSkill 45 & 35 Plasma Cutters are easily controlled with a single operating knob. Decide if you want your torch set to […]

Plasma cutting has now been changed forever thanks to the launch of the new range of CutSkill Manual Plasma Cutters, including our CutSkill 45!

Incorporating the latest in plasma cutting technology, the CutSkill 45 & 35 Plasma Cutters are easily controlled with a single operating knob.

Decide if you want your torch set to manual or latch mode, whether you’re cutting flat plate or grid plate, adjust your current and you’re ready to cut! All actions are clearly displayed on the 2.8″ colour LCD screen. 

Coming standard with the new CutSkill 60A Plasma Torch, the CutSkill 45 clean cuts up to 16mm mild steel and up to 12mm stainless steel – all whilst running off a 15amp plug!

For ease of use, the regulator is internal and air through the torch is managed automatically by the plasma unit. This removes the need to adjust air pressure for individual cutting requirements.


  • CutSkill 45 Plasma Cutter Power Source
  • CutSkill 60A Plasma Torch
  • Work Cable and Clamp
  • Wrench for Air Filter
  • 1/4″ Nitto Air Line Connector
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Operating Manual (for Power Source and Plasma Torch)

Please note: We’ve now introduced a new Cigweld plasma cutter, the CutSkill 60!

  • Easy to read Summary Screen

  • Easy 2T / 4T Selection

  • Plate or Grid Cutting Selection

Mild Steel Clean Cut

Mild Steel Severance

Stainless Steel Clean Cut

Aluminium Clean Cut

Number of Phases
Single Phase

Supply Plug

Generator Required
9 kVa

Duty Cycle
45A @ 35%

Input Air Required
730 kPa, 110 LPM


3 Year

  1. Craig Kuehne

    Ive owned the two big brands in Plasma Cutting befor puchasing this machine. In my view unit is outstanding:
    a) very clean cuts
    b) will cut more than it’s rated to
    c) dead easy to use
    d) automatic air pressure regulation
    e) very efficient on power
    f) the price is more than competitive

    Minor detractors are:
    a) air post flow is hard set at 60 seconds
    b) torch does feel a little cheap when compared with the high end torches
    c) minor finish issues on the build of the power supply
    However these are MINOR issues in my experience. Just make sure you have a compressor that is at least 12 CFM, and a second water seperator/filter arrangement.

  2. Michael

    I purchased this unit behind the back of my usual welding shop because they were under the impression that a single phase plasma wouldn’t be capable of clean 10mm cuts yet alone the 16mm stated in the manual.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the unit after unboxing. It is compact, solid and the user manual was well written. My only complaint is that it could come with more consumables but these are relatively inexpensive.

    I dragged out a sheet of 16mm mild steel plate and did some freehand cuts. The user controls were easy to understand and the cut quality was impressive. I made several cuts across the width of the 850mm sheet and there was no issues with overheating.

    The included shield cup spacer/guide is exactly 10mm from the finish cut. So it’s an easy number to remember when clamping a straight edge down. The torch feel good in the hand and the angle of the tip is easy to maintain.

    I set the torch up on a track cutter and made some 1.4m cuts through some more 16mm plate. The finish was unreal and only needed a quick file to remove the dross. I have yet to find the point at which the duty cycle stops me from cutting. I’m sure repeating long cuts in thick plate will be an issue but for what I do it’s perfect.

    Overall this is a fantastic plasma cutter for the price and I expect to get many years of reliable service.

  3. Anonymous

    This product based on it’s price and performance capability was the best I could find in the market. The Cigweld Cutskill brand gave me the confidence and reassurance that this product would be a great performer and provide excellent future service.

  4. Anonymous

    Saves me money by not buying oxy/acet all the time!

  5. Anonymous

    Light weight & easy to handle. Great portability!!

  6. Anonymous

    I have not used it yet but seems like a good quality product with a good warranty and good priced consumables. Being a cig weld it should be no fuss getting parts or a warranty issue sorted out.

  7. Anonymous

    Very user friendly and good 3 year warranty

  8. Anonymous

    It’s light weight, easy setting for use

  9. Anonymous

    Simple clean interface and all my products are cigweld..

  10. Anonymous

    Quick and easy to use, grab it before the oxy for cutting every time!

  11. Anonymous

    Very efficient and easy to use.

  12. Anonymous

    Need the plasma cutter to complete a job

  13. Anonymous

    How easy it is to make darth Vader and minion firpits for the granddaughters.

  14. Anonymous

    so easy to use

  15. Anonymous

    Easy to set up and easy to use. Supported but back service and avail consumables.

  16. Anonymous

    Looking forward to using the Plasma Cutter

  17. Anonymous

    Love this product

  18. Anonymous

    by the reviews it will be a good thing I also own an esab rebel 215 and I wanted a reputable brand

  19. Anonymous

    It is worth every dollar in quality and design.

  20. Anonymous

    Very easy to use – fantastic product for price

  21. Anonymous

    Its cigweld so i know its reliable and functions beyond expectation

  22. Anonymous

    Grinny! Easy to use and looks the part! So much easier than a oxy/ lpg torch for remote farm work

  23. Anonymous

    I chose this brand over other similar machines due to the established name of CigWeld in Australia. I believe they will stand behind their products and uphold their warranty.

  24. Anonymous

    Ease of operation
    Quality of build
    Price accordingly

  25. Anonymous

    Excellent cutter ….. LOVE IT !!!
    Best thing since sliced bread.

  26. Anonymous

    Very simply to use.Everything i have is CIGWELD product. Just brought the 185 ultra mig . Just great looking equipment

  27. Anonymous

    I own A number of Cigweld products and have found them to be very well made and reliable. A number of freinds have purchased the chinese cheap and nasty and have either not done the job what is advertised or brocken down with no parts and warranty backup.

  28. Anonymous

    Product quality and features

  29. Anonymous

    Replaced my gas cutting rig with the Cutskill45, its light, powerful and with no bottle rentals to worry about, a lot more cost effective. Brilliant!

  30. Anonymous

    Great information available about the ability of the machine ,main screen is very helpful for operation and fault finding.
    Very capable and affordable.

  31. Anonymous

    It is so easy to use, plug and play. It cuts exactly as described in the you tube video and looks so much more modern compared the the other brand plasma cutters with it’s easy to read digital display.

  32. Anonymous

    I love the blue colour as it matches my uniform and I am will take my secretary out to dinner if I win because she just laughed at my response.

  33. Anonymous

    Easy to Use

  34. Anonymous


  35. Anonymous

    I love the fact I can cut any shape without going through hundreds of cutting, flapper and grinding discs.

  36. Anonymous

    It is easy to use and looks good along side my 185 ultra

  37. Anonymous

    I love it so much because I’ve wanted one for a very long time, and it’s so useful and versatile. It has numerous features that make my life easier and I love it

  38. Anonymous

    My grandfather and father have always had CIG PRODUCTS and love them now I’ve joined the club and loving it!!

  39. Anonymous

    The weldskill 45 I think was very reasonably priced and had an impressive duty cycle for its class, Overall i’m very happy with the unit thus far, I’m also pleased CIG back it with a 3 year warranty.

  40. Anonymous

    Nice and light and portable plenty of grunt for the size of it good all round machine

  41. Anonymous

    the back up service

  42. Anonymous

    Great Plasa Cutter!!

  43. Anonymous

    so easy to set up and use

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