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Ceramic Backing – OK Backing Block


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NAME Item no. Length Width Quantity per box/pallet
OK Backing Block 14×9 2150029000 600 mm (24 X 25 mm) 14.2mm 60/3360 pieces

Weld pool backing on self-adhesive aluminium foil Welded
on one side – save costs!

The new ESAB weld pool backing OK Backing Concave
/ Rectangular are used on butt joints. They can be securely
fastened in all welding positions with minimum effort using
the self-adhesive aluminium foil. They are suitable for
general structural steels, stainless CrNi steels and nonferrous

Reduced welding time

The backing allows higher welding current to be used in
the root layer. With the MAG process, for example, this
means spatter-free welding when spray arc welding and
the possibility of working with larger electrode diameters
when MMA welding.

Simpler seam preparation

OK Backing Rectangular and Concave allow adaptation to
varying root gap sizes.

No need to grind out the root layer

In contrast to the conventional method the root remains
part of the seam with a capping layer and the joint does
not have to be ground out. This reduces the consumption
of welding consumables and the welding time.

Reliable penetration and seam quality

Higher welding currents at the root layer result in deep
penetration with a significantly reduced risk of bonding
defects. The good root formation functions as a capping

Forming effect on underside of seam

The self-adhesive aluminium foil on the weld pool backing
has a forming effect on the underside of the seam, which
is particularly useful when processing stainless steels. The
use of backing gases can often be omitted.

For faultless welding results

OK Backing Concave / Rectangular are provided with
a centre line on both sides, which greatly simplifies the
alignment of the backing material. Even longer seam
sections can be completely covered with backing:
The backing has a tongue and groove system on the front
sides. The protective paper is overlapped on one side of
the aluminium adhesive foil to facilitate easy removal.
This simplifies handling, especially when working with
safety gloves

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