Warranty Registration

Thank you for purchasing a CIGWELD
or ESAB product.

What you'll need:

Machine Serial Number

The serial number will be found on the base or lower side of your product.

Distributor Details

When and where you purchased your product from.

Please register your warranty immediately for complete warranty coverage and to guarantee your proof of purchase. Registering will also ensure you receive any product updates, notifications or technical information relevant to your purchase via email.

For all CIGWELD machines, and our Arcmaster XC50 (Black/Delta) & the Arcmaster XC70 (Black/Mayhem) helmets, you will receive a 6 month extended warranty on the unit. *Terms and Conditions Apply.

Collecting warranty information allows us to better understand our customer base and the product life cycle of our equipment while continually improving our products to suit the various markets we service. We will endeavor to keep you informed of new products, welding tips, industry news, competitions and promotions relevant to you and your industry.