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WeldSkill Essential Welding Helmet – Auto-Darkening

SKU: 454337

The new WeldSkill Essential Welding Helmet is the perfect entry level helmet for those DIY welders on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice on safety. 2 Sensor Auto-darkening variable shade 9-13 filter lens. 94mm x 36mm viewing area. Medium Impact Rating. Fast Reaction Time. Adjustable Sensitivity and Delay. Complies to AS/NZS1337:2010 and AS/NZS1338.1:2012. 1 […]

The new WeldSkill Essential Welding Helmet is the perfect entry level helmet for those DIY welders on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice on safety.

  • 2 Sensor Auto-darkening variable shade 9-13 filter lens.
  • 94mm x 36mm viewing area.
  • Medium Impact Rating.
  • Fast Reaction Time.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Delay.
  • Complies to AS/NZS1337:2010 and AS/NZS1338.1:2012.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  1. Anonymous

    Quality, reliable brand, for a good price.

  2. Anonymous

    Light weight, self-darkening,with wide vision and a great price

  3. Anonymous

    Easy to use, cost effective, lightweight. good allrounder for small cost

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    Just works!! first time every time. Reputable brand, didn’t look at anything else.

  6. Anonymous

    Bonus add-on with welder purchase

  7. Anonymous

    Great adjustable helmet for the price point.

  8. Anonymous

    Long lasting and reliable

  9. Anonymous

    well made

  10. Anonymous

    It’s made by a well known brand. With a great reputation. It is also comfortable to wear.

  11. Anonymous

    No More Flash Burn. Fantastic Product works Great.

  12. Anonymous

    Great products from CIGWELD as usual. Thankyou!!

  13. Anonymous

    Not having good eye sight ,the auto helmet make it easier on myself.

  14. Anonymous

    How comfortable it is and that it has many adjustments to get the perfect fit, as well as the quality and how quickly the self-darkening takes effect.

  15. Anonymous

    I love that I’ll be able to learn to weld, and still see afterwards.

  16. Anonymous

    good quality budget helmet, can’t beat an auto-darkening lens and it works awesome.

  17. Anonymous

    Very good welding helmet with the option to change welding and grinding mode. Another great product from Cigweld.

  18. Anonymous

    Great value and easy to use

  19. Anonymous


  20. Anonymous

    I love the easo of the auto darkening weldskill helmet aswell as the comfort and surabillitiy

  21. Anonymous

    It’s light and comfortable, easy to adjust. Auto-darkening is instant. Great, low cost product!

  22. Anonymous

    just enough features to make it easy to use,durable construction & design at a very reasonable price,also 12 months warranty for peace of mind

  23. Anonymous

    Love the features, never had a helmet like this before.

  24. Anonymous

    Best products to use in my current job.

  25. Anonymous


  26. Anonymous

    Cigweld has good quality products. This welding helmet works perfectly and is very clear.

  27. Anonymous

    Great features at an affordable price

  28. Anonymous

    ease to set it up.

  29. Anonymous

    How can I possibly do this? I haven’t used it yet

  30. Anonymous

    It will be great to have the auto-darkening feature of this welding helmet as opposed to the old flip up/down lens.

  31. Anonymous

    A cost effective auto-darkening welding helmet

  32. Anonymous

    Great, I can see what I am doing

  33. Anonymous

    Bright, clear view when not welding and good eye protection with quick response when welding

  34. Anonymous

    Have used older Visors but this hands free with the adjusting light protection is marvellious. Especically for a retiree messing around in the shed

  35. Anonymous

    Just used the helmet. Fits well and I can still wear my glasses

  36. Anonymous

    Top value for the buck!

  37. Anonymous

    Had one personally for years & it’s been great. When it came to buying for the workshop there was no other option for me.

  38. Anonymous

    It’s an Essential product

  39. Anonymous

    It is a good priced helmet that really works and a quality brand “to boot”.

  40. Anonymous

    The weldskill mask recommended to me by a professional heavy industry welder. It performs flawlessly and is the perfect addition to any welders kit. Great product!

  41. Anonymous

    Self Darkening

  42. Anonymous

    Complete adjustability for welding, grinding, different welding materials and full face coverage for flash protection.

  43. Anonymous

    I love the viewing area on this helmet , has everything I need and the 1 yr warranty is awesome

  44. Anonymous

    Lightweight and clear to look through I cannot go past these products. Recommend 10/10.

  45. Anonymous

    There is no need to shift helmet when starting and stopping welding process, as the screen is powered to automatically change to the dark setting to stop the harmful ultraviolet rays burning eyes.

  46. Anonymous

    easy to use

  47. Anonymous

    easy to use

  48. Anonymous

    Excellent quality as would be expected from CIGWELD, at a very reasonable price. Allowing a DIY enthusiast like myself to use professional grade equipment.

  49. Anonymous

    Ease of use and quality

  50. Anonymous

    this product is very efficient and useful with a good built quality overall

  51. Anonymous

    Love how I don’t need to hold the mask as well as the Auto darkening feature while welding and should be easier to practice as I am a novice.

  52. Anonymous

    Cheap and great for DIY Jobs

  53. Anonymous

    Lightness & ease of use

  54. Anonymous

    Haven’t really used it yet so cant comment

  55. Anonymous


  56. Anonymous

    Matches my Cigweld Weldskill 185 to a T. Reasonablby priced and high quality. Very satisfied with my purchase. Definately a Cigweld/Esab fan.

  57. Anonymous

    It’s so handy to not need to flip the visor up, as a home welder I’m always a fan of anything that makes safety easier.

  58. Anonymous

    It is a no nonsence relaible welding helmet by a well know manufacturer providing a high level of protection and safety

  59. Anonymous

    Cigweld items are quality products and built to last, i recommend them to everyone.

  60. Anonymous

    It works well

  61. Anonymous

    Ease of use

  62. Anonymous

    I dont have to hold a fiddly non-auto mask in one hand whilst attempting to start welding with the other hand.

  63. Anonymous

    CIG quality product and parts are readily available

  64. Anonymous

    What I love about the cigweld welding helmet is that is I really easy and simply to use out of the box no mishaps just does the job and does it great

  65. Anonymous

    easy to use lightweight good value for price

  66. Anonymous

    Auto darkening for a DIYer is a fantastic help for occasional welding jobs.

  67. Anonymous

    Good value name brand product

  68. Anonymous

    This is my first Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, and I’m amazed at how much more confident I am at arc welding and as a result the quality of my welds has improved markedly. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

  69. Anonymous

    I always purchase CigWeld products

  70. Anonymous

    It’s a great quality product for a reasonable price.

  71. Anonymous

    I’ve only ever had the old style helmet looking forward to auto dark

  72. Anonymous

    helmet is so light and clear vision when welding

  73. Anonymous

    Auto darkening feature at a low price. Brand name.

  74. Anonymous

    It’s not broken like the old one

  75. Anonymous

    this new auto hehmet has saved my bacon with my old one i could not see where to strike thank you i have just retired after 50 years and am teaching myself how to weld

  76. Anonymous

    Price reduction at store plus auto-darkening feature. Comfortable to wear

  77. Anonymous

    I chose this product as well as a full range of cigweld items as the quality the surpasses its competitors but at an affordable price.

    Spare parts are also readily available and cost effective which means more time on the tools and less time ass farting around.

  78. Anonymous

    I like that I can weld with out having to lift the helmet up

  79. Anonymous

    Great price – great product

  80. Anonymous

    This helmet is great value for money! I use it all day, every day and it is so comfortable and light that my neck actually feels good at the end of the day.

  81. Anonymous

    External Adjustments, Light weight and easy to use!. Priced extremely well.

  82. Anonymous

    Best helmet I’ve ever used for the price I paid, unbeatable on the market and so simple too use and such a better safety zone around the face and comfort than the competitors

  83. Anonymous

    Great fit and works perfectly

  84. Anonymous

    With all the many different opinions available with welding helmets. I choose the Essential helmet
    1 it wasn’t the cheapest or most expensive
    2 to me it looks neat / professional
    3 my grandfather said I could trust any cigweld products

  85. Anonymous

    I love this particular welding helmet as it is plain, leaving no design to only get ruined and tainted by splatter. The helmet is also very responsive and is great that it comes with spare lenses for when the old ones get destroyed

  86. Anonymous

    Easy to use and comfortable helmet.

  87. Anonymous

    I like the quality product and the lightweight

  88. Anonymous

    Value for money especially including the many features it has that make welding for a DIYer much easier and safer.

  89. Anonymous

    Great User friendly product

  90. Anonymous

    A lot easier to use than the old welding helmets

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