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WeldSkill 205 AC DC TIG Welder

SKU: W1008205

The CIGWELD WeldSkill 205 AC DC TIG Welder has taken the same great features and robust power from its predecessor and compacted it down into a smaller, lighter and more portable TIG Inverter that weighs a slight 12kg. The 205 AC DC TIG Welder is a 15 Amp 240 volt, digitally controlled, High Frequency AC/DC […]

The CIGWELD WeldSkill 205 AC DC TIG Welder has taken the same great features and robust power from its predecessor and compacted it down into a smaller, lighter and more portable TIG Inverter that weighs a slight 12kg.

The 205 AC DC TIG Welder is a 15 Amp 240 volt, digitally controlled, High Frequency AC/DC TIG (GTAW) and Stick (MMAW) inverter. This unit is specifically designed for the budget conscious user who doesn’t want to sacrifice on quality or weld results. With its compact casing and IP23S rating the 205 AC/DC is ideal for indoor or outdoor use around the workshop and is easy to carry and manoeuvre into hard to reach places when doing light fabrication and maintenance of mild steels, stainless steels and aluminium.

In TIG mode the unit has all the features required to customise your welding preferences – High Frequency (HF), Up/Down Slope, Pre/Post Flow, 2T/4T Trigger Function, Spot Mode and Gas Purge for AC or DC TIG welding. When welding in AC only, Frequency and Wave Balance can be refined with impressive adjustability and when operating in Pulse Mode the user has full flexibility to adjust Frequency, Width and Peak Current.

In Stick mode the 205 AC/DC features VRD, Anti-Stick and Hot Start and can weld with up to 4mm electrodes.

The CIGWELD WeldSkill 205 AC/DC comes as a complete kit with an 8m Remote Control TIG Torch, Argon Regulator/Flowmeter, 4m Electrode Holder and Work Clamp and a TIG Accessory Kit with tungstens, nozzles, collets etc. to get you up and welding in no time..

  • Duty Cycle HF TIG – 205A @ 20%
  • Duty Cycle STICK – 160A @ 20%
  • 15A Supply Lead
  • Light and portable 12kg power source
  • Dimensions: H 324mm x W 176mm x D 430mm)
  • Can TIG Weld up to 8mm Aluminium Plate
  • Can STICK weld with up to 4mm electrodes
  • Pulse: Pulse Frequency / Pulse Width / Peak Current
  • AC Frequency / AC Wave Balance
  • Pre-Flow/Post-Flow Adjustment (TIG mode only)
  • Gas Purge
  • Spot Weld
  • Up Slope / Down Slope
  • Trigger Lock (2T, 4T)
  • Initial Current (4T)
  • Crater Current (4T)
  • Over Temp Protection
  • Anti-Stick (STICK)
  • Hot Start (STICK)
  • Digital Meter
  • VRD <35DC (Voltage Reduction Device)
  • IP23S (Indoor and Outdoor use)
  • 3 year warranty**
    **(refer to operating manual for further details)

Current Range
10-205A (TIG Mode), 10-160A (STICK Mode)

324H x 176W x 430D mm

Duty Cycle
HF TIG: 205A @ 20%, 18.2V (40C, 10mins)
STICK: 160A @ 20%, 26.4V (40C, 10mins)

Generator Requirement

Open Circuit Voltage
(VRD On) <35V, (VRD Off) 63V


Supply Voltage
240V, +/- 15%, 50/60Hz

12kg (Power Source), 22.5kg (Package)

Supply Plug & Lead

Protection Class

AS 60974.1-2006, IEC 60974-1

  1. Anonymous

    The ease of use and simple control of weld
    Nice machine

  2. Anonymous

    Great value AC/DC Tig

  3. Anonymous

    Versatile, I can tig ally as well as other metals with ease for a professional job.
    This machine will make it easy to weld.
    Garry Brown

  4. Anonymous

    The Tig 205 AC/DC is a great machine.
    price-wise it is great value for the money, and is a brand i trust.
    The DC works extremely well, and i cant want to crack out the AC.

  5. Anonymous

    The price and quality of cigweld, good light weight product which should be perfect for my application

  6. Anonymous

    Updated from a lift tig
    chalk and cheese

  7. Anonymous

    straight forward to use small & light

  8. Anonymous

    I needed a light weight tig welder for aluminium and stainless welding.

  9. Anonymous

    Good Quality
    Trusted Company with good reputation
    Easy to understand and use
    Latest technology

  10. Anonymous

    Very easy to use with good weld profile

  11. Anonymous

    not really like it , it getting hot very quickly and stop working

  12. Anonymous

    It has an unbelievable amount of features and is an awesome quality machine (plus accessories!) for a great affordable price.

  13. Anonymous

    Nice and compact and easy to learn on.
    Lots of adjustment for someone who is learning.

  14. Anonymous

    Rick at Welding Engineers was a great guy to talk to about replacing a recently dead “other brand” welder. He got me sorted in no time so I could continue with the urgent job I have in progress. So far the welder has performed flawlessly.

  15. Anonymous

    The 8m tig lead and the flexi head are great add ons, and the small light weight machine makes for easy carrying from job to job!!

  16. Anonymous

    GIGWELD is one of the most reliable welders I have ever used.
    I have used CIGWELD welder most of my working-life
    Great product!

  17. Anonymous

    First, this is the second time I have entered these details as I had them incorrect the first time. I love my cig weldskill 205 ac/dc tig- stick because it is fantastic to use and it makes me look like I can weld really well.

  18. Anonymous

    I’ve been using Cig weld welders for 40 years they are great welder, relialble and value for money.

  19. Anonymous

    Love cigweld gear
    Always turn to them for every job.
    Using 400 transmigs at the shop to weld and gouge
    And a 175i running 0.9mm gasless for site.
    Just bought this 205 AC/DC inverter and I’m already stoked with it.
    A freebie wouldn’t go astray but hahaha

  20. Anonymous

    Wow! The WeldSkill 205AC/DC TIG Welder is half the weight of my 8 year old previous machine with slightly higher performance figures, half the footprint, takes up half the physical space, has longer cables, quality fittings, is portable and looks great to go with it. What more could I ask?

  21. Anonymous

    Great compact machine with eight metre long TIG leads and a bendy head TIG torch.

  22. Anonymous

    Portability, ease of use

  23. Anonymous

    This product has all the features that I was looking for in a compact unit

  24. Anonymous

    Been using a transtig 200 but needed similar that I could afford. Hopefully this is it.

  25. Anonymous

    great welder

  26. Anonymous

    Because I like Cigweld products, great features for a reasonable price. Long time purchaser of Cigweld for 2 decades.

  27. Anonymous

    All the pro settings at an entry level price. My race car is gonna love this thing.

  28. Anonymous

    This welder was well priced for a powerful AC/DC Tig which allowed me to buy it to better learn TIG welding.

  29. Anonymous

    I am new to welding and I really love how easy it is to use and how compact the machine is. Hardly takes up any room in the garage so my mrs doesn’t complain too much.

  30. Anonymous

    Easy to operate digital interface

  31. Anonymous

    Straight forward menu. Easy to use.

  32. Anonymous

    I bought it for fabrication of car components at home mainly. I’ve found it very capable and it’s compact size and versatility is definitely a bonus. After considering other brands i came back to cigweld for the high standard that I have come expect from cigweld and you have delivered

  33. Anonymous

    Light weight with all the features I need for TIG and arc welding

  34. Anonymous

    I enjoy using the AC funtion

  35. Anonymous

    It is easy to use and runs like a dream

  36. Anonymous

    The size and portability and ac pulse function is a real bonus

  37. Anonymous

    The ability to weld aluminium, light weight and easy to use.

  38. Anonymous

    Reputable brand and a good entry level machine

  39. Anonymous

    the new digital readout is nice

  40. Anonymous

    Great Brand, Reliable Machine. Small light good all rounder.

  41. Anonymous

    I already have several CIGWELD welders and purchased this unit to work alongside my Transmig 175, which is my favorite go to welder because of its size and ease of use. The only one problem with the Transmig is that everyone wants to borrow it as its such unit.

  42. Anonymous

    having owned/used a cigweld 170 amp inverter for near 12 years,
    I can assure you the build quality and ease of use are what I’m most excited about
    the added advantage of the 8m lead and a flexible torch neck make this a machine I’m very happy to own

  43. Anonymous

    I liked the features that was available on this product. The interface is easy to use as well.

  44. Anonymous

    Ive used the same welder at work and just love it how it takes whatever i throw at it i was so impressed i bought one for myself cant wait to set it up for my fermenter business

  45. Anonymous

    I love that this product has all the abilities to perform quality welds such as it has a pulse function where as my last one never did so welding sheet metal and thinner materials is super easy and it’s also AC/DC so now I can weld aluminium. Awesome Purchase!

  46. Anonymous

    Something to weld aluminium to work on my boat

  47. Anonymous

    compact and easy to use

  48. Anonymous


  49. Anonymous

    All the features it has

  50. Anonymous

    Quality gear

  51. Anonymous

    The Weldskill 205AC/DC is great product at a great price and in a power packed compact unit, I have also purchased the 255i Transmig and both units have a common tig torch socket. I will be able to utilize the tig torch on the larger 255i transmig for DC welding.

  52. Anonymous

    I love this product because its a quality made product which has alot of great functions. It is light and compact with plenty of power for its size.
    It is the best welder I have ever owned.

  53. Anonymous

    very good and easy to use product

  54. Anonymous

    awesome light weight unit that packs a serious punch.

  55. Anonymous

    good quality product

  56. Anonymous

    It’s a good brand name machine with a generous warranty for a great price. The TIG torch included is way better quality than other brands in this price range.

  57. Anonymous

    Small compact machine user friendly and most of all reliable brand.

  58. Anonymous

    Compact functional unit with some nice features

  59. Anonymous

    Feature packed power house that’s super portable and light! 3 year warranty and comes with the gear to get started.

  60. Anonymous

    Great multi use machine

  61. Anonymous

    Except warranty and ease of setting up

  62. Anonymous

    Light , affordable, good quality.

  63. Anonymous

    The this that I love about the cig weldskill 205 AC/DC is how easy it is to setup and easy it is to use.

  64. Anonymous

    Has all functions needed for what I want to do and compact unit and easy to set up

  65. Anonymous

    Brand reputation & ease of use

  66. Anonymous

    Great to learn Tig and improve my skills

  67. Anonymous

    I have struggled doing great car panel work with other TIG welders in my home workshop, but with my new CIGWELD WELDSKILL 205AC/DC I’m welding like a pro! Great puddle control and great looking welds. Awesome.

  68. Anonymous

    A reputable company and 3yr warranty to boot. Hopefully a welder for life.

  69. Anonymous

    So far running very well, weld quality is as good as or better than with my Kemppi.

  70. Anonymous

    can weld stainless steel with it as well as aluminium

  71. Anonymous

    I love that I have no idea how to use it and it’s going to be fun or expensive learning.

  72. Anonymous

    light weight compact design

  73. Anonymous

    a very light weight compact user friendly machine

  74. Anonymous

    Easy to use steady arc, user friendly controls,

  75. Anonymous

    it is a very good machine and has very good features to use

  76. Anonymous

    easy to use. Very simple machine. Comes with all the attachments (not required to buy anything else) plug and play away you go.

  77. Anonymous

    what’s not to love about this machine, its user friendly, neat and simple, easily portable and most importantly ever part has a feeling of top quality that every person wants in a product.

  78. Anonymous

    Multi functionality and good physical size. Colour is good too.

  79. Anonymous

    The features this welder has for the price make it great value. I love the fact you can use a foot pedal with this machine and that the included TIG torch has a flexible neck.

  80. Anonymous

    Awesome value for money, brilliant quality and awesome performance

  81. Anonymous


  82. Anonymous

    Tried and true product that suits my needs

  83. Anonymous

    It’s lightweight & comfortable, and is a high quality product.

  84. Anonymous

    Very compact, but packed full of features. I have used MIG all my life, and this was my first TIG machine, and it is perfect to learn on, very user friendly.

  85. Anonymous

    Its versatility.

  86. Anonymous

    I love tig welding and alway love the cigweld range so easy to use and the reliability

  87. Anonymous

    It’s an AC DC tig

  88. Anonymous

    Great price and product reliability

  89. Anonymous

    Compact and great adjustability.

  90. Anonymous

    I love the fucked that it’s so easy to use and is compact so it doesn’t take up too much space and lays a clean weld

  91. Anonymous

    That its ac/dc welder that is small enough to pick up and carry but powerful enough for some great welding projects such as bar work on a 4×4.

  92. Anonymous

    The best features vs price on the market!

  93. Anonymous

    I’ve wanted a welder for a long time, to learn how to TIG weld.
    This machine is easy to setup and a breeze to use.

  94. Anonymous

    Very simple and versatile machine.Love Cigweld products because they work well and do the job that they were designed for

  95. Anonymous

    light easy to use and a very reliable product

  96. Anonymous

    For a budget machine the AC arc is incredibly clean and stable compared to my much more expensive Everlast machine, this is also much smaller, lighter and easier to dial in consistently. I love it so much I’m considering switching all of my welders over to you guys!

  97. Anonymous

    Awesome unit and very portable as it only weighs 12kg. 8m tig lead is very handy. I have recommended to fellow tradesmen looking for a welding machine

  98. Anonymous

    Simply controls

  99. Anonymous

    as reviews that I read about this machine, clean weld and, good control on penetration are the things that seduced me to invest in this machine.

  100. Anonymous

    I love that it works when I want to use it!!

  101. Anonymous

    Small compact unit, display is very user friendly.

  102. Anonymous


  103. Anonymous

    easy to use works well with a generator

  104. Anonymous

    Small compact size and lighter than other TIG welders

  105. Anonymous

    The Weldskill 205AC/DC have everything I need and welds really nice, very happy with it.

  106. Anonymous

    I like the size & weight of the machine. Ideal for site work from raised work platforms.

  107. Anonymous

    Can say I love it yet I just brought it. But it’s cigweld so it should be good

  108. Anonymous

    It is an easy to use machine which performs extremely well and has ample features for its price. It’s a good value for money purchase.

  109. Anonymous

    Everything. The price and quality are incredible.

  110. Anonymous

    Mmmm, so sorry but I can’t (albeit with 40 years experience)find the absolute finnesse I need to use in the tig torch. It’s far to bulky and cumbersome and heavy to yield my finest welds.

  111. Anonymous

    Honestly I just bought it today so I don’t know

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