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TIG Torch 17V, Gas Valve, 4m (Transmig 175i/175i+, 185 Ultra, WeldSkill 185)

SKU: W4013801

  • TIG Torch 17V
  • Gas Valve
  • 4m Lead
  • To suit Transmig 175i, Transmig 185 Ultra and WeldSkill 185
  1. Ray

    Tig Torch 17V features flex head, start button and starter kit. Kit contains 3 Alumina nozzles #4,5,6, 1 Collet Body 2.4,
    2 collets 1.6, 2.4, 2 Back Caps Short, Long & 1 Ceriated Tungsten Electrode 2.4.

  2. Stan Wilkins

    Tig torch start switch is so sensitive it is madness. Your glove only come near it and it fires up the torch.

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