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HandyWeld 160 MIG / Stick Welder

SKU: W1200160

The CIGWELD HandyWeld 160 welding machine offers many benefits of a professional welding machine in a compact, portable, easy to use and affordable self-contained single phase welding inverter. With QuickSet Plate Thickness Pre-Sets installed the guess work is now taken out of the set-up, to allow excellent welding results.

Think MIG welding is hard to set?
Not Any more!

The HandyWeld 160 is the most modern, easy-to-use inverter MIG Welder designed to remove the guess work when deciding what parameters should be set to weld differing thicknesses of metal.

  • Electronic QuickSet control for accurate adjustment of the welding parameters
  • Suitable for MIG with Shielding Gas and MIG Gasless Welding.
  • STICK Welding capability to 140 Amps, withbuilt Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) for extra safety.
  • Weld most metals including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Bronze.
  • CIGWELD have specially configured this machine to be able to produce great welding results from domestic household 230V/240V 10A power.
  • The HandyWeld 160 machine is ideal for people who want to do light fabrication, car repairs, automotive restorations, maintenance and repairs or DIY around the home, workshop, worksite, or farm, without compromising on quality or safety.

QuickSet your Plate thickness and weld away

Plate Thickness setting allows you to set up in a flash. There is no guessing the welding parameters. Use the QuickSet feature to set the machine to the correct plate thickness you are welding.

Awesome output for a small MIG

The HandyWeld 160 delivers a maximum output of 160Amps DC, which means the machine is capable of welding metals from 0.6mm up to 10mm.
In QuickSet mode the machine is limited to 6mm thickness. To reach higher thicknesses up to 10mm the machine can be manually adjusted to maximum Wire Feed Speed and Voltage which delivers exceptional welding results on larger metal joints.


You can weld most metals including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Bronze.
As part of our local product development, we rigorously tested the HandyWeld 160 with different metals!


  • HandyWeld 160 Power Source
  • CMG16DL MIG Gun 2m- Hardwired
  • Work Clamp with 2m Lead
  • 2 x Feed Rolls: 0.8/0.9mm Gasless (Fitted), 0.6/0.8mm Solid Wires
  • Contact Tips: 0.6mm, 0.8mm (Fitted), 0.9mm
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Operating Manual
EasyWeld 130 Plate Thickness

Key Features:

  • Single Phase 10A – 230/240V
  • Electronic QuickSet control – eliminates the guesswork for setting parameters with Plate Thickness Control (max 10mm thickness)
  • Duty Cycle MIG: 160A@10%
    Duty Cycle STICK: 140A@10%
  • Gas & Gasless Wires
    • 0.6-0.8mm: Solid MIG wires (extra-low current – ideal for welding thin sheet metal in MIG Gas mode with solid 0.6mm wire)
    • 0.8-0.9mm Gasless MIG wires
    • 0.8mm: Aluminium MIG wires
    • 0.8mm: Stainless Steel MIG wires
  • STICK Electrodes – suits 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.2mm
  • Single Knob Synergic Control
  • 3 Step setup
  • Digital Meter – Easily view all your important welding parameters including plate thickness and welding Amps
  • Weighs only 10.0kg
  • Integrated Wire Feed Units -Suits 100mm & 200mm spools
  • Creep Start
  • 1 Year Warranty – Refer to operating manual for further details


The HandyWeld 160 MIG machine is supplied with a quality MIG Gun rated to handle in excess of the maximum output of the machine.
Model Name: CMG16DL
Replacement Part Number: W52BR16D3

Product Testing

As part of our product development, CIGWELD rigorously test all the internal components of the welding machine and its external accessories. We make sure that the machines are not just fit for purpose, but will handle tougher than expected working conditions. The below thermal photos are taken ensure no overheating outside of our specified ranges. Additionally, we also conduct weld tests on various common metals, using the expertise of our local technical team ensuring that the settings you use on our machines are tuned to local conditions.

Internal thermal photo of HandyWeld 160 during use

CMG16DL MIG Gun – External thermal photo whilst being used at maximum machine output


Power Input
Single-Phase 240V +/-15%

Australian Standards
AS 60974.1:2020

Supply Frequency
50/60 Hz

Supply Lead and Plug
10 Amp

Rated Input Current I1eff
9A – 240V
9A – 230V

Rated Input Current I1max
27A – 240V
28A – 230V

Recommended Welding Thickness Range
0.6mm – 10mm

MIG (GMAW) Duty Cycle @ 40OC, 10 minutes
160 Amps @ 10%
65 Amps @ 60%
50 Amps @ 100%

STICK (MMAW) Duty Cycle @ 40OC, 10 minutes
140 Amps @ 10%
57 Amps @ 60%
44 Amps @ 100%

Generator Ratings
9.0 kVA (at 0.8 Power Factor)
at Max Amps


L:440 x W:206 x H:308

Nominal DC Open Circuit Voltage in MIG

Amperage Range in (MIG)
30 – 160A

Voltage Range in MIG
15.5 – 22V

Open Circuit Voltage (VRD On) STICK Mode

1 year with bonus 6 months with registration.

IP Rating