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Earmuff Silencer Light Duty – 32.5 dB

SKU: 455200

CIGWELD Light Duty Earmuffs

Earmuff Light Duty, 32.5db SLC80. A very popular general purpose earmuff. Suitable for a wide range of light industrial and domestic applications.

Earmuffs are made of a mixture of plastics and foam. Correct hearing protection should be worn at all times in industry.



  • Soft ear cushions
  • Snug fit for all day comfort
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Economical
  • AS 1270 Quality & ISO 9001

The highest dB rated earmuff or earplug is not necessarily the best option. In some industries this could be dangerous as you still need to hear workers or machinery around you. Eg: warnings or forklifts etc. The first requirement of a hearing protector is that it should supply sufficient sound reduction (attenuation) for the work environment concerned.

When sounds become disturbing, irritating or even sometimes painful, we classify them as harmful noise. However, noise does not have to hurt before it damages your ears. The noise which causes hearing loss is invisible and often painless yet it results in a gradual loss of our ability to hear.

Clamping N-Force


Light Duty Industrial

AS/NZS 1270 Lic. 958

Silencer Light Duty Ear Muff 28db SLC80