The CIGWELD/ESAB Product Management team work one-on-one with our manufacturing teams, our engineers and suppliers to produce the highest quality products for our customers, whilst ensuring all safety standards and measures are met.

When developing a new product, our teams in Australia, Europe, USA and Asia work simultaneously on design, engineering, safety and testing. During this process, Cigweld/ESAB products undergo rigorous life cycle, electrical, endurance and safety tests. This ensures our products meet the necessary Australian and New Zealand Standards, while up holding our industry-leading level of quality that our customers have come to expect.

If you have any questions or concerns about our manufacturing process, please get in contact with us on 1300 654 674 or enquiries@cigweld.com.au.

The date stamp can be found on the underside of the Fuel Gas inlet connection of the Blowpipe itself.

3 Digits MYY,= month year year
1-9= Jan to September
O= October  N= November  D= December
YY= 98,00,12,14

Eg. 611 = June 2011

The Welding power source is protected by a self resetting thermostat. The indicator will illuminate if the duty cycle of the power source has been exceeded. if the Over Heat light illuminates wait for the Over Heat light to extinguish before resuming welding.

The rated duty cycle of a welding power source, is a statement of the time it may be operated at its rated welding current output without exceeding the temperature limits of the insulation of the component parts. To explain the 10 minute duty cycle period the following example is used. Suppose a welding power source is designed to operate at a 15% duty cycle, 90 amperes at 23.6 volts. This means that it has been designed and built to provide the rated amperage (90A) for 1.5 minutes, i.e. arc welding time out of every 10 minute period (15% of 10 minutes is 1.5 minutes). During the other 8.5 minutes of the 10 minute period the welding power supply must idle and allowed to cool.

The new Welding Consumables Guide is available as an app as you very well know, you can find further information about it on this page.

The wishlist is an easy way for you to save a listing of your favourite items, and then print them for future reference. The wishlist will be kept like a shopping cart, so that next time you log in it will be remembered. In future we will be looking at integrating the wishlist and the where to buy section to create a streamlined experience, where we get you in touch with your local CIGWELD distributor. Stay Tuned!

All CIGWELD MSDS PDF’s can be found at the following Outback Document Storage Location. Click here!

Older user manuals are not accessible on the website however are available upon request.

Please contact us with your area and we will send you your nearest repairers.

Make certain the units is in Mig Mode, press advanced features,using the left knob scroll through your menu until you get to “Burn/Back” then with the right knob adjust the value to suit your requirements. The information below can also be located on page 3-11 of the operating manual.

Please contact Technical Support so they can assist further – Phone: 1300 654 674.

Please contact Technical Support so they can assist further – Phone: 1300 654 674. Older operating manuals are not available on-line but we can send them upon request.