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A Total Solution

Stoody started with a promise for a shared experience to it’s customers. The main message was always to provide a total solution, not just a welding/hard facing consumable. In 1921, Stoody was founded by “Shelley” Stoody in Whittier, California. 1927 saw Brother Winston joined in to form Stoody Welding Works: repair farm equipment, repair drill bits as oil was discovered in California. Daniel Staley joined the company at this time, and the First “Fusion Facts” was published at this time. All experiences both internal and external where documented thoroughly, published on a quarterly basis in “Fusion Facts”. Industry specific applications were developed and the knowledge disseminated to users in manuals that are still the standard today. The idea of a “Total Solution” implied that the company did not hesitate to get into complementary product lines and technologies such as castings/welding equipment. Bottom line cost savings to the customer was always clearly identified.

Stoody partnered with companies having a similar culture. Partnership with Victor was natural because the companies had a very similar approach to quality and innovation. Welding was primarily done with oxy-acetylene. Most hard facing consumables were rods to be used with the oxy-acetylene process. 1929 saw the beginning of this relationship between Victor Welding Equipment Company,  and Stoody, when they started sole distributing Victor products in specific areas of California, and Victor started distributing Stoody items.  The key driver for this relationship was that Stoody truthfully believed (and still does) that Victor has stayed ahead of the times.

2011 was Stoody’s 90yr anniversary / 20 yrs in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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