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A Story Of Resilience

In the 1920’s, J. B. Arnold and EMF Electric commenced Australian operations as manufacturers of gas and arc welding equipment. They had a strong focus on developing solutions for the local welder. In the 1930’s they where acquired by “CIG” and continued carving thier future down the same path. The Comet 1 torch was born in 1957, an innovative brass handled product.

CIGWELD was established as CIG’s equipment division with a heavy focus on welding equipment and filler metals back in 1985. BOC decided to focus on gas, and went on to divest CIGWELD to a consortium of senior managers and 2 investment companies. The mid 90’s had Thermadyne enter the story, one of the world’s largest suppliers of welding and cutting products. Today CIGWELD falls under the Victor Technologies Family banner, and is growing everyday.

The challenge of the new millennium was to create a company that was both internationally competitive and sensitive to customer needs. CIGWELD has met that challenge: with state of the art manufacturing facilities strategically placed around the world; North and South East Asia, Mexico and the USA. The renowned CIGWELD quality is now available in emerging markets world-wide.

In addition, CIGWELD is continually sourcing new technological products world-wide for introduction to the Australasian markets. Our sister companies in the Victor Technologies Group provide an additional product source.

Within Australia, a lean Ordering and Dispatch system is revolutionizing the Industry. Linked to our regional network of warehouses, it has dramatically slashed delivery times and increased ordering efficiencies. In fact, we can locate and dispatch most high rotation items the same day.

We’ve also taken our team of sales representatives out of city offices and put them into the “field” to provide continuing and easily accessible on-site technical advice and support.

Maintaining leadership in the marketplace in this new century means staying abreast of new products and technologies. This is a vital part of our business strategy. CIGWELD’s commitment to research and development is fundamental to our ongoing growth and success. We are continually designing, testing and evaluating to improve current products, and to develop innovative solutions for the Welding and Engineering Industries, as well as medical markets.

Our R&D and safety laboratories provide state-of-the-art environments for developing and evaluating new products. Engineering and quality control teams also assess products manufactured by all CIGWELD operations.

CIGWELD is a member of Australian and International Standards committees. We provide compliance to specific standards, and ISO:9001/9002 Quality Systems Accreditation ensures we remain at the forefront of all new developments.

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