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WeldSkill 185LCD Power Pack – 2022

SKU: PP185LA21

RRP $1069 INC. GST

Only Available at Participating Distributors while stocks last. Please note this cannot be purchased through this website.

Only Available at Participating Distributors whilst stocks last. Please note this cannot be purchased through this website.

Weldskill 185LCD – Complete Multi Process Welding Inverter

The LCD Display makes it super simple to navigate through the welding modes and advanced features

The WeldSkill 185LCD is a complete 3in1 offer that includes all the accessories required to get you MIG, STICK and TIG welding immediately (3m MIG Torch, 4m TIG Torch & 3m Electrode Holder).

Like its predecessor, the WeldSkill 185LCD offers the many benefits of a professional welding machine in a compact, portable, easy to use and affordable self-contained single phase welding inverter – but now with the added feature of a digital 2.8” LCD Digital Display improving navigation of all functions via the full colour screen.

Ideal for welders who want to do light fabrication, maintenance and repairs around their workshop without compromising on quality or safety. And for more intricate welding jobs, especially Aluminium, you can’t go past the WeldSkill 185LCD which is specifically built to run the SGT250 spool gun!

The WeldSkill 185LCD is equipped with an integrated wire feed unit, Voltage Reduction Device (VRD applicable in stick mode only), quick connect gas connection and a host of other advanced features such as Adjustable Burnback, Arc Control, Spot Welding (MIG), Downslope (TIG) etc.

The WeldSkill 185LCD is also backed by a 2 year warranty* and fitted with a 10 Amp plug, meaning you can plug it into any standard 10amp power point and get welding!

And most importantly this multi-process welding inverter is fully compliant to AS 60974.1-2020 and IEC 60974-1.


Easy navigation to select & clear LCD Screens

The 2.8” LCD Colour screen whether in MIG/Stick or TIG mode makes it easy to adjust features like Spot Welding (MIG Mode) or Downslope (TIG Mode).

weldskill 185lcd


WeldSkill 185 LCD Inverter Plant 240V 10A
WeldSkill Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet 9-13 Blue
Heavy Duty Welding Gloves – Large
MIG Pliers, Tweco WeldSkill – Yellow Handle, 8-Functions
WeldSkill Solid Wire 0.8mm 5.0kg = 1 Handispool
Weldskill Gasless 0.8mm 4.5kg E71T-11

The new WeldSkill Essential Welding Helmet is the perfect entry level helmet for those DIY welders on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice on safety.

  • 2 Sensor Auto-darkening variable shade 9-13 filter lens.
  • 94mm x 36mm viewing area.
  • Medium Impact Rating.
  • Fast Reaction Time.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Delay.
  • Complies to AS/NZS1337:2010 and AS/NZS1338.1:2012.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Featuring the industry’s top 1/1/1/1 clarity rating.
weldskill 185lcd
weldskill 185lcd

With a full sock lining for maximum comfort, and the highest of quality leather, the Weldskill Heavy Duty Welding Gloves will protect you from high heat output applications and keep you welding longer than with standard, lightweight alternatives. You can expect superior heat and abrasion resistance from this Heavy Duty option!

  • Heavy Duty welding gloves suitable for a wide range of welding applications
  • Manufactured from high quality leather for superior heat and abrasion resistance
  • Kevlar stitching for increased durability
  • Full sock lining for maximum comfort

High-quality pliers, specifically designed for MIG welding applications Manufactured from drop forged carbon steel Strong and comfortable handle design Spring loaded handle for easy operation Excellent for trimming MIG wire or holding tips and nozzles

weldskill 185lcd
weldskill 185lcd

WeldSkill price-competitive self-shielded flux cored wires have the convenience of gasless operation while providing smooth rippled welds in all positions. WeldSkill Gasless wire are for single pass and multi pass applications and are ideal for welding thin steel sections and for galvanised steels.

WeldSkill precision layer wound solid wires are copper-coated steel wires for all positional GMA (Gas Metal Arc) welding of mild and low allow steels. They are suitable for use with Argon-Based or CO shield gases. Available in an assortment of mini spools and handi-spools, these wires are ideal for the hobbyist, tradesman or for DIY

weldskill 185lcd

371mm x 205mm x 478mm


Fan Cooled

AS 60974.1-2020 / IEC 60974-1

Number of Phases
Single Phase

Nominal Supply Voltage
240V AC +/- 15%

Nominal Supply Frequency

Supply Lead Plug

Open Circuit Voltage

Recommended Generator
10kVA at 0.8 PF

Protection Class

Welder Type
MIG, STICK, LIFT TIG Inverter Power Source

Plant Part No

Nominal DC Open Circuit Voltage (MIG Weld Mode)
69V (Trigger Switch Depressed when not welding)

Maximum Input Current (I1max)

MIG (GMAW) Welding Output, 40ºC, 10 min
185 A @10%, 23.3 V

STICK (MMAW) Welding Output, 40ºC, 10 min.
160 A @ 10%, 26.4 V

TIG (GTAW) Welding Output, 40ºC, 10 min.
160 A @ 20%, 16.4 V

2 Year Limited Warranty*