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CIGWELD WeldSkill 185 MIG/STICK/TIG Welders vs. the Competitors

One of the most Googled phrases related to Australian welding is “CIGWELD WeldSkill 185 vs. [insert competitor name].”

We know that there has been a recent increase in DIYers that want to give welding a crack, as well as professional welders who have been welding a while and might be looking for a new upgrade to their old welder.

If you are reading this, then you have likely asked yourself this question – how do you choose the best 185 welding machine?

Maybe you have even visited different tool shops or trade stores and seen CIGWELD’s WeldSkill 185 or the WeldSkill 185 LCD machines, and you are now trying to decide on whether to buy CIGWELD or a competitor’s machine.

The right answer is in the details!

The CIGWELD 185s

We have two models – the WeldSkill 185 and the WeldSkill 185 LCD. Both are multi-process, inverter machines capable of MIG, STICK and TIG welding.

The main difference between the two is the Digital Analogue display vs the Digital 2.8” LCD screen. Aside from this, the units are almost the same.

Additionally, if you’re a TIG fan, the WeldSkill 185 LCD comes packed with a 4-metre TIG Torch! Both machines are very compact and only weigh in at 13.7kg!

How do we stack up?

The 185’s vs. [Insert Competitor]

  • The CIGWELD 185 LCD is the only machine amongst competitors in its price range that features a full-colour LCD!
  • CIGWELD’s second big advantage is that both WeldSkill 185 machines are currently the 185 amp welders on the market that manage to hit 185A at a 10% duty cycle during MIG welding.
  • When it comes to TIG welding, the WeldSkill 185 machines have a higher duty cycle of 20% at 160A; which means that you will be able to TIG weld for a lot longer!
  • And did we mention that the WeldSkill 185 LCD version includes a 4-meter TIG Torch? No other competitors supply this as a standard inclusion.
  • Plus, CIGWELD’s Operating Manual is one of the most comprehensive manuals on the market. It includes everything you need to know to get welding with a dedicated, easy to read guide on “How To Weld”.
  • WeldSkill 185 & WeldSkill 185LCDS are spool gun compatible (SGT250 Spool Gun)

What about the warranty?

CIGWELD is so confident you will be satisfied with your new machine that we have included an added bonus on top of the 2-year warranty you get when purchasing either WeldSkill 185 machine. If you register your WeldSkill 185 or WeldSkill 185 LCD on the CIGWELD website, you will get an additional extended 6-month warranty on your purchase.

Why look at duty cycles when you are looking for a welder?

In a nutshell, the duty cycle is the percentage of time that you can weld for during a 10-minute period measured at 40 degrees Celsius.

The WeldSkill 185 serves as a great example with its STICK/TIG duty cycle of 20% at 160A and MIG duty cycle of 10% at 185A. This means that you will be able to safely STICK/TIG weld for 2 minutes and MIG weld for 1 minute without a cool-down break.

The higher the duty cycle the longer you can weld without having to pause the action. This means greater productivity and less downtime.

Below is the comparison chart that we have created to help you better choose the right welder. 

The main thing to remember is that whilst others may make you believe their machines are packed with better features, take a closer look at the specifications, and compare them for yourself – the devil is in the detail!

Celebrating 100 Years of CIGWELD

As a part of our product development in Australia, CIGWELD rigorously tests all the internal components of our machines and their external accessories. We make sure that the machines produced are not just fit for purpose but will also handle tougher than expected working conditions. We conduct weld tests on various common materials using the expertise of our local technical team, ensuring that the settings you use on our machines are tuned to give you optimal performance!